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Best WiFi Hacker For Android

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password In Android?

Namaste! In this post, we gonna discuss 'How to hack WiFi password in Android'. As we all know, almost every people have an Android phone and most of them want to know how they can crack WiFi password using their Android device. So if you are one of them, then this post is for you. Android is based on Linux and we can do whatever we want with Android device. Best WiFi Hacker Apps for Android 2017.

Most people used to think that Hacking WiFi password is the longest task and only Hackers can do it. But now the time has changed and anyone who has an Android phone can crack WiFi password within few clicks. Nowadays there are many WiFi Password Cracked apps are available for Android, which are GUI(Graphical User Interface) based and you don't need to have knowledge of commands and coding. You can Hack WiFi password with Android phone easily.

So, today we gonna talk about 'Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android'. In this list, we have 5 best Android apps which are capable to Hack WiFi Password within few clicks. There are many WiFi Hacker apps are available in the market to crack WiFi password but most of them are fake and don't work properly. So I'm bringing you the best WiFi Password Hacker Apps For Android to crack the password of all WiFi networks. But before that let me explain some basic queries about WiFi and WiFi Hacker Apps.

What is WiFi And How it Works?

Wireless Fidelity in short WiFi is a technology for Wireless WAN (Wireless Local Area Networking). As we all know that WAN is very important in this era because without it we can not use the internet and can't communicate with each other using WiFi.

Actually, WiFi technology uses radio waves to provide network connectivity or we can say high-speed internet. For this technology, we need a router and internet connected to that WiFi router to create a Wireless Network.

And many people nowadays have a common question in mind that, how can we use free WiFi or which are the best WiFi hacker apps to crack WiFi Password. So in this article, I'm gonna share all these information for our #OnlyHax visitors.

wifi-hacking-apps wifi-hacker-apps

How WiFi Hacking Apps Work?

Guys this question is really good and everyone should know the answer of this. As we all know mostly WiFi networks are secured with WEP or WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption, so user has to put a unique key in order to connect with that wifi network. So to overcome this issue we need to crack that WiFi password to connect and for that reason, we need a tool called WiFi Hacker.

This tools find a vulnerability or loophole in that WiFi and use that to get the password. WEP encrypted WiFi networks are very easy to hack by using below provided Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android.

WEP is not that much secured and can be cracked in just 5 minutes if you know how to do it. And WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption is hard to crack and less vulnerable, for this we need WPS enabled WiFi connection in order to hack WiFi in Phone. WPS allows us to connect wifi without providing the encryption key, it rather uses a unique 9 digit WPS pin to get connected.

And this pin is easy-pizy to crack. So now let's talk about some basic requirement to use these WiFi hacking apps for Android.

Requirements To Use WiFi Hacking Apps

Before starting WiFi password hacking process, make sure you and your smartphone meet all the necessary requirement. Below mentioned things are must to use these WiFi Hacking Apps to get password easily.
  • Root- You need to root your android smartphone to use all the administrator power of your phone. Not all wifi hacker apps need a rooted phone but some of them required Root Access to work. So I recommend you to root your Android smartphone. To do so read - Root Any Android Smartphone Easily
  • Busy Box- Then you need to install busy box on your phone in order get all the apps to function properly. It gives you much freedom while you are on a tract of cracking wifi password in your phone. 
  • Latest Android Version- Guys, to use below apps you need to have the latest version of Android system on your phone. You must have 4.0+ to crack wifi password using below-mentioned Android apps.
  • Xposed Framework- You must install xposed in your android smartphone to get all the hidden powers of these apps. 
  •  Proper Signals- This is really a must-have requirement to hack wifi password in your phone. Because if you have no proper signals you can not get access to the network. So before starting make sure you are getting enough signals. 
  • Active Mind- Before staring through out all the unnecessary thing from your mind and set it only on that process. :p 
  • Patience- Obviously you need it. No patience = No WiFi password. :v

How to Hack WiFi on Android?

You can crack wifi password easily using your phone through these apps. There are many apps and tools available on the internet but most of them are either fake or virus loaded.

So here I'm sharing some best and reliable Android apps to hack WiFi password. Here is the list of 5 top rated WiFi Hacker Apps to crack WiFi password in Android Phone:

Best WiFi Password Hacker For Android / Best WiFi Hacking Apps


1. zANTI(dSPLOIT) WiFi Hacker App

This is a great Android app to hack WiFi network in Android. You can do a lot of hacking stuff with this app. It is the best wifi hacker for android and you can many crazy things with it. It's an old WiFi Hacking app which has lots of upgrades and also reliable by millions of users worldwide. There are few things you can do with this Android Hacking app:
  • You can change Images on whole WiFi Network
  • Can change Google Results on the WiFi Network
  • You can also do Session Hijacking using this app
  • You can get all the information of other connected device of the same WiFi Network
  • MITM attack and lot more. 

  • Easy to use and no technical knowledge required 
  • Small in size hence won't eat your internet data ;p
  • Best App for WiFi Hacking 
  • Many more features for advanced users
  • Virus free and smooth app, won't eat ram

  • Sometimes it takes time to hack wifi password 
  • No bruteforce attack 

2. WPA WPS Tester WiFi Password Hacker

best-wifi-password-hacker-for-android-2017WPA/WPS Tester Pro is another good wifi password cracker, which can hack any WiFi which having WPS enabled. Using this app you can even Hack WPA2 PSK protected WiFi network. So if you want to crack the password of your nearest WiFi Networks, then you must try this Android app.

This is the most widely used WiFi Hacker Android App which is able to find the wifi password for you using WPS attack. WPA/WPS Tester is mostly used for WPS enabled WiFi network, because it finds the WPS code of that wifi network. Some highlighted features of this app:
  • Easy to use app for Android 
  • Smaller in size (which is good for RAM management of your phone).
  • Reliable and virus free 
  • Unlike most of other WiFi Hacking Apps, it doesn't take much time

  • Very small in size
  • Easy to use and smooth too
  • Best wifi hacking app for WPS  enabled wifi networks 
  • No advanced skills required 
  • Get wifi password without any commands and stuffs 
  • Just few clicks and you're good to go

  • Only cracks WPS enabled and WEP encrypted WiFi Networks  
  • Root access required for Android version below 5.0 

3. AndroDumper Crack WiFi Password

best-wifi-hacking-apps-androidThis application is light weight and great tool for WiFi hacking purpose. It uses their secret algorithm to detect vulnerablity and used it to get the password of WiFi network. This app also give notification if any vulnerable WiFi is available nearby your location, so for this purpose location permission is required. 

Below are some Pros and Cons of this WiFi Hacking app:

  • Very light, won't eat RAM of your phone
  • Very simple and reliable as well
  • Automatically connects to WiFi after cracking password 
  • Automatically scans and detect vulnerable WiFi networks
  • Just few clicks and password will shown 

  • Root access is required to view the password 
  • Can hack only WPS enabled WiFi network 
  • Sometimes takes time to get password if WPS PIN is complex

Steps to use this app:
  1. Download Androdumpper WiFi password hacking app 
  2. Install normally in your phone (Give permissions, it's necessary)
  3. Open it and give it required permissions and follow further screen process
  4. Now it will show you available WiFi networks near your location 
  5. Choose the WiFi network you want to get password of and it'll do the rest
  6. Bingo! after few minutes you'll be able to use free WiFi 

Note: Root is only required to view the password of hacked WiFi network. Don't worry if your phone is not rooted, you'll still be able to use that WiFi but you won't be able to view password. Means without root access you can't see hacked password but still can connect any WPS enabled WiFi

4. WPS Connect - WiFi Hacker App

wifi-hacker-wifi-hack-androidWPS Connect is also a great app to Hack WiFi Network in Android phone. You can connect to any WiFi network using WPS Connect and disable other user's internet on the same WiFi.
You can get the password of any WiFi which has WPS protocol enabled and vulnerable. So download WPS Connect today and enjoy WiFi hacking from your smartphone.

Some Pros and Cons of this app:

  • This app is similar to WPA/WPS connect but give some more features. 
  • Finds WPS code and gets you access to any WiFi
  • Easy to use and very smooth app
  • Works in all android smartphones 
  • Risk-free and reliable too.

  • Not suitable for WPA2 PSK encrypted WiFi Networks 
  • Little more time consuming than WPA/WPS connect
  • Need Android version 4.1 and above to use this app

5. Wibr+ Plus Pro ApK - WiFi Bruteforce Hack App

wifi-password-cracked-hack-wifi-androidIf you want a real WiFi Password Hacker Android App, then it's the app which can fulfill all your needs. You can easily hack into any wifi network using Wibr+ Plus Pro. It's a great app to get free high-speed Internet from others WiFi Network. Best WiFi Hacker For Android 2017. So use Wibr+ Plus and crack WiFi password from your Android smartphone. Read more about Wibr Plus. Features:

  • Reliable and proven app for WiFi Hacking
  • Take less time & gives better results
  • Easy to use and have lots of features 
  • Lots of features 
  • Very strong tool to get password of any WiFi

  • To use all the features, some tech skills required

Download Wibr+ Plus Pro APK

Password - onlyhax

6. WiFi Password Hacker Pro

how-to-hack-wifi-password-on-android-2017Now you can Hack any WiFi Network like a professional hacker using WiFi Password Hacker Pro Android app, which is capable of cracking all type of WiFi Networks. It's a great app which provides you many features. Ulike other app it gives a single click way to hack any WiFi Network. Using this app you can crack wifi password very easily with a single click. You must have a rooted phone to use this app. Extra Features:

  • Powerful app for WiFi Password Hacking
  • Smaller in size
  • Reliable and easy to use.
  • Good for newbies as no skills required to use
  • Alternative WiFi hacking apps for small budget phones 

  • Not tested by us

7. WiFi Kill Pro WiFi Hacker

real-wifi-password-hacker-app-androidThis app is also deserve a place in this list of  best WiFi hacking apps, because it gives you another great feature, you can disconnect other connected device on same WiFi network. You can't hack WiFi password using this app but you can surely speed up your connection by disconnecting other devices over same WiFi connection. So basically this app is for fun and speeding up your speed. :)

Pros and Cons of this app:

  • You can see who is connect to the current WiFi network you are using
  • You can see connected devices names 
  • You can also watch network activity of other connect devices
  • Gives you ability to cut off other devices internet access

  • Not a WiFi Password hacker app actually
  • You can't get password of any encrypted WiFi 

Download WiFi Kill Pro

All WiFi Hacking Apps

Why We Need WiFi Password Hacker Apps?

Well, there are many rich people around the world, who can easily afford any WiFi router or high-speed internet connection without any worry. But beside this, there are people who are not rich enough to avail such technology or internet connection.

These people can not buy a WiFi router and a high-speed internet connection, but almost everyone needs it. So to overcome this barrier for those needy people, we are here with this great list of Best WiFi Hacker Apps For Android.

There is one another reason for WiFi hacker apps and that is, when we are out of town and our internet balance is low and we need internet for some reasons, at that time we can use these wifi password cracker to get free high-speed internet.

So these Android apps to crack wifi password are useful for every one of us. So get these apps to know how to hack Wi-Fi password in android phone without root and enjoy free internet.


1. - Is Root required for all these WiFi Hacking apps? 
Ans. - No, only a few apps require root access.

2. - Are these apps secure and safe to use? 
Ans. - Yes, all these apps are secure and personally tested by us. No Viruses at all. All these apps are safe.

3. - Is it legal to crack or hack someone's WiFi Password? 
Ans. - No, it is strictly prohibited to do such actions. And we are not responsible for any loss.

4. - Can I use these apps to crack any WiFi network? 
Ans. - Yes, you can try, WEP are very easy, and WPA/WPA2 PSK are a little bit hard and requires patience.

5. -  If the owner changes the password, do I need to hack again? 
Ans. - Yes, you need to follow the process again after the password change. :(

6. - What if the router has high security? 
Ans. - No matter how secure the router is, you just need these best wifi hacking apps and brain to use them. Every security has a vulnerable hole, so find and F**K it. ;)

7. - Are these apps best and latest? 
Ans. - Yes, above list is updated and best among all other WiFi hacker apps available on the internet.

Note:- Breaking someones WiFi network security is strictly prohibited, and OnlyHax is not responsible for and loss or damage. This article is just for educational purpose only.

Final words: 

So above-mentioned are the best WiFi Password Hacker Apps for Android. I did hard work to find out the all working android WiFi hacking apps to crack wifi password.

Enjoy WiFi Password Cracker apps and use free WiFi. Best WiFi Hacker For Android 2017. These above-mentioned WiFi password breaking apps are specially developed for an android user to crack wifi password easily on their android device.

We all know that many people need such apps to use free WiFi around their location. So this article is mainly for those needy people, use these apps and hack WiFi Password easily in your smartphone.

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