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Top Best PPD[Pay Per Download] Sites - Earn Money From PPD Websites

Namaste! Here in this article we gonna talking about best PPD networks. PPD stands for Pay Per Download. You can earn money by uploading files on PPD Sites, sharing links on social sites and get paid whenever someone downloads your files. It's a good way to earn money from your home by using Top PPD Networks. As there are lots of PPD networks, but most of them are fake and don't pay.

So, in this post I'll provide you a list of top best PPD Sites which really pays to their users. Before that let me tell you how PPD Network works. It's very simple you upload your files on PPD website, share links and when people download, they have to complete an offer/survey to get desired file and you get paid whenever people complete simple survey and download your file. I hope now you understood how you can make real money from best PPD Network websites 2018.

In this article I'll be sharing Best PPD sites without survey and with survey so you can choose which type you like most. Keep in mind that PPD with survey sites are known as high paying sites because their payout rates are very high, you can get upto 25$ per download of your uploaded file. But these files are hard to unlock and everyone can't download so you downloads will be less. But if we talk about Best PPD sites without survey, then these are file sharing websites which don't require visitors to complete any survey. Mean visitors can download your files easily, but payout rates are not high. These sites pay around 10-20$ per 1000 download of your files and that also depends on country wise. So in this list I'm gonna share both list of best ppd sites.

What Is PPD Site ? 

Well PPD stands for Pay Per Download and there are  lots of PPD Websites available on the internet now a days. But in this article only Best PPD Site with high paying rate are being shared. The name itself tell what it is all about, but if you are newbie and don't know what is ppd and how it works, lemme explain for you. Such websites offers free cloud storage for everyone, and also gives some revenue for each download of your file. So people who have website on download niche can use such sites to earn some good amount of cash for each uploaded file. Use these Best PPD Site to earn  money online by uploading files

Types Of Pay Per Download Websites ?

There are two types of PPD Sites available on the web,  1. PPD Sites Without Survey , and 2. Survey PPD Sites.

1. PPD Site Without Survey - These sites offers unlimited (vary from site to site) cloud storage and revenue per download. They just show some contextual or link ads on the download page. These sites offer less revenue per download but the no. of download will increase your visitors will also get satisfies as well as you. Visitor can easily download files without having any trouble like completing surveys, filling forms etc.

2. Survey PPD Site - Such ppd sites are those ones which force downloader to complete a short or long survey to get the file. These website pays high revenue per download but no. of download of your file will decrease and visitors will also choose another site. Because many people can't complete surveys or hate completing surveys.
So I would suggest you to use Best PPD Sites Without Survey, but if you own a website which provides first on net contents then you can use Survey PPD Sites as well. So choice is yours, if your contents are really worthy then use survey ppd.

How Much You Can Earn From PPD Sites ?

Actually it depend upon many factors such as traffic, no of downloads, ppd revenue rate etc. If you have huge traffic on your blog or website you can earn a lots of money from Best PPD sites. The more downloads you get the more money will be in your pocket. It also depends on the origin of the traffic. If you  are getting targeted organic traffic from premium countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. then you can earn really awesome amount of money even from less traffic. Because every PPD Sites payout rates are high of these countries. So try to get traffic from these countries and earn money from ppd sites.

Below is the full list of 5 Best PPD Network or Site With Survey,  Top PPD Websites to make real money online by using  Pay Per Download sites.

List Of 5 Best PPD Networks/Sites With Survey

1. Fileice

Fileice is the best site among all PPD website around the world, it is the best PPD website which allow their affiliate members to upload their files, let them share online, and whenever a visitor try to download those files, they have to complete a short survey to get files. And uploader will get paid when visitors download the file. Fileice have high paying rates, it pays upto 22$ per download. Paying rates are depends upon country. So, don't waste your time on searching best PPD networks, just sign up at and start making money online.

2. PureBits

Purebits is one of the best PPD networks available these days. It is a new and legitimate ppd network which has been paying its users regularly since inception. They pay every time a visitor downloads your file. They have about 1700+ offers that are shown to every one that tries to download your file which offers members the best chance to make make money. Easy statistics and great support from staff and forum.The Payment method is Paypal and minimum payout is $10.

3.  Sharecash

Sharecash is another best ppd network which is very popular, in fact they are the genesis of ppd system. They were the first website to introduce Pay Per Download system. It is a revolutionary website that pays members real cash every time your files are download. They have one of the highest payout with thousands of exclusive surveys they pay up to $20 covering over 200 countries. Good UI with many latest features and 24/7 support makes them best PPD network in the world.

top-ppd-network-website onlyhax

4. Dollarupload - PPD Site

Dollarupload is one of the best ppd networks, where earning is easier and faster. They work with the best advertisers in the ppd industry in order to make sure their members get the most money for every download with highest payouts available. You are being paid for every visitor that downloads your file or gain access to your link. Get paid to shorten your links as well.

Dollarupload pay an average of $1 for each offer/survey completed to download your file. This will come out to an average of $1,000 for 1,000 visitors that download your files. While typical offers may average around $1 per download, you can be able to earn anywhere on average between 30 cents up to 20+ dollars for every single download. 

5. Maxbounty - Best PPD Site

best-ppd-site-without-survey onlyhax

This site is a Cost per Action marketing network which provides for affiliate marketing, for every visitor who visits the vendor site through their marketing. It's also a great PPD Site to Earn Money online. As it pays the affiliate for the website visitors without any purchase or subscription this is the easiest way of earning if you can engage many to visit the vendor site. You need to fill a form for getting approved by Maxbounty as they need to trust you, next thing is you should have an own domain name which is running from few months. Their employee will call you for verifying about your promotional strategies and your ability to market the affiliate site.

List of Best PPD Sites Without Survey

1. Userscloud

Userscloud is one of the best ppd site on the web. They guys are old in this field and reliable to their users. Usercloud is the best free online file hosting site which offers unlimited storage to upload your files and get paid whenever someone download them. If you are a newbie and want to earn some cash as everyone want, then this site is best option for you. Even if you don't have a website you can use this site. Just upload your files, share them on social sites and get ready to be paid for each download. :) Below are the main features of this PPD site:
  • Unlimited storage
  • No limit
  • File never delete (except DMCA files)
  • Free for everyone
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive user interface
  • Fast to load
  • Unlimited download speed
  • High paying rates
  • Pay on time

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $15 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs for new users and 30days for old ones (Weekly under $25)
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $5
  • Payment methods - Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, Amazon Gift Card

2. is also a good PPD website which offers their users unlimited storage with high speed downloading links. Best thing is there is not survey system, visitor have to just download your files and you'll paid for it. They pay upto 20$ per 1000 downloads. It is better for peoples who have download site. This pay per download site pay 24/7, features of this ppd site are:
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free file hosting service
  • FTP upload files
  • Highest payout rates
  • Safe and secure file sharing service
  • No file size limit
  • No file expiration limit
  • Fast download speed
  • Free for everyone
  • 24/7 payout time

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $22 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $10
  • Payment methods - BitcoinPaypal, Payoneer, Payza, Webmoney, Skrill

 3. UploadOcean

UploadOcean is also high paying PPD site among all others. They have less experience in this field but they offers more features and high payout rates to their users. They provide free unlimited file hosting service with highly secure and high performance servers. Download speed is great. User interface is also great. So I'd say this is also a great and Best PPD Site to earn money by uploading files. Below are some main features of this pay per download site:
  • Unlimited storage
  • Limitless file sharing service
  • Safe and Secure service
  • High performance servers
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • Free Service
  • Easy to use
  • High payout rates
  • Reliable and pays on time
  • SSL protected servers
  • SSD powered

best-ppd-sites-without-survey-2018 onlyhax

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $22 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $10
  • Payment methods - Paypal, BitCoins, Payza, Neteller, ZebPay, Paytm Cash, Mobikwik Money, Freecharge Money, Oxigen Wallet, Transfer Wise, Pockets, Bank Transfer (INDIA)

4. is a free online unlimited file hosting site which gives you capability to upload unlimited files on their cloud servers. They provide unlimited storage on high performance SSD powered servers which are safe and secure. Just upload your files get the links share with the world and get paid for each download. This is a great PPD site to earn real money online by uploading files. Below are the main features of this ppd site:
  • Free service
  • Unlimited storage
  • Safe and secure cloud storage
  • SSD powered high performance servers
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • User friendly UI
  • High payout rates
  • Fast payout
  • SSL protected Servers
  • FTP Upload files
best-ppd-sites-without-survey onlyhax

Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $20 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 24hrs after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $10
  • Payment methods - Paypal, Payoneer($50Minimum), Payza

5. DailyUploads

DailyUploads is also one the Best PPD Sites to earn money by uploading files. You can use this file sharing site to upload your files for free and to get revenue for each download. They have great payout rates and high performance SSL protected servers. They provide fast, safe and secure free cloud storage service without any limitation. You can upload as big file as you need, there is no file size limitations. You files are safe with this pay per download site. Below are the few great features of this file hosting site:
  • Free cloud storage
  • High performance SSL protected servers
  • SSD powered hosting
  • FTP upload
  • Unlimited space
  • High security
  • Easy to use
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • Free for everyone


Payout options:
  • Payout rate - Upto $16per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 7days after request
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $25
  • Payment methods - Paypal, Payoneer

6. - PPD Without Survey

There are few sites which don’t accept you to upload mp3 songs or any videos, but this site will allow you to upload any kind of files. If you own a website/blog which is based on entertainment, movies and songs then it will be helpful to you. This one also deserve to be spotted in the list of top best PPD Site to Earn Money. Potential traffic of your site can be an asset as it can be converted into downloads which will earn you much more money. $10 is the pay for 1000 downloads, your account will be banned if you get fake downloads. So if you want to earn genuinely then try to get more


Payout options:
  • Payout rate - $10 per 1000 downloads
  • Payment time - 20th of every month
  • Referral program - 10% of your referee earnings
  • Minimum payout - $5
  • Payment methods - Paypal, Neteller, Payza

How to get more and more downloads ? 

You can boost your earning by using PPD sites. But for these site you must have huge traffic and more downloads. So to get more and more download of your PPD sites files, you just have to share your links at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. You can also share links in relevant forums or blogs to boost your downloads. Just create unique contents, demanded files, premium apps and serials to get more earning from Pay Per Download sites. :)

Final words:

So, above is the list of Top Best PPD Networks/Sites. Websites which pays real money to their members. These PPD sites without survey and with survey are the great and easy way of earning for newbies. I tried myself all these Best PPD Sites and believe me, these are the best among all others. Join any PPD site mentioned above and start earning by uploading files. Pay-Per-Download is the best way to earn money from home if you have enough knowledge to promote your links. Enjoy the list of top best ppd sites 2018. Have Fun! :)

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