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Namaste! Hello everyone. Sometimes when a file get many downloads it's temporarily being unable to download. There are many people who use Google Drive for uploading and sharing their files for public use. And the best reason to choose Google Drive or Docs is that it's free, ads free and fast downloading speed. But the problem is there is a limitation, download limit which means if your file is being downloading by thousands of people, google makes that file on hold for a while. So to overcome this problem there is a simple solution which is great to download files that have error 'Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time' or 'Too many user viewed or downloaded this file recently'. Google drive quota exceeded bypass. Google drive quota exceeded fix. So without wasting time let get on the main topic:


Fix Google Drive Error 'Too many user viewed or downloaded this file recently' :

Step 1. First of all go to the Google Drive file download link

Step 2. Now make some changes to the original link as explained below:
         Original link -

         Edited Link -
Note - Change uc?id to open?id

Step 3. Now click on + sign of add to my drive option and then click organize 

Step 4. Then choose any folder of your google drive and click on Move

Step 5. Now open google drive and goto that folder where you have copied that file during earlier step

Step 6. Then select that file and click on make a copy and delete original file [keep copy of original file]

Step 7. Now you can download that file by right clicking and choosing download now 

That's it. Now your desired file is ready to download without any error. 

Google Drive Quota Exceeded Error Fix Full Video Latest

Final words:

So it was a simple tweak to download Google Drive quota exceeded files without any error. You can download any document or file and play google drive videos without any problem by using this simple yet useful tweak. So now google drive error 'Sorry you can't view or download this file at this time' or 'Sorry you have exceeded your sharing quota' or 'Too many user viewed or downloaded this file recently' Fix. Problem solved now enjoy download all google drive files without any error. Have fun! Enjoy!! :)

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