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Get Paid Apps For Free Android

How To Get Paid Apps For Free - Paid Apps Free Android

Namaste! In this article I will be sharing some easy ways to get paid apps for free on your smartphone. Yes you heard it right, now you can use all the top and best paid apps for free without paying even a single penny. An android mobile is not so worth if you can’t get benefited with the free available apps, it’s like a pizza without free tomato ketchup. Not everything is free on play store, don’t get upset next time when you drop out downloading an app because it’s paid. This article is about How to Get Paid Apps for Free, we will share the apps and websites  which helps to download paid apps for free and also some Links.

There are many great and useful apps on play store but most of them are paid and you have to purchase license to use them. As we all know not everyone can afford to buy apps, so to overcome this barrier for those people who are unable to pay for paid apps, we are sharing some great ways to download all the paid apps for free. For this purpose you are not required to have technical knowledge, even a simple guy can get any paid app free easily by following this article. So before heading to the main point let me clear some doubts.

Is it safe to use paid apps for free ?

Yes! You can use any paid app without paying of purchasing. You just have to use some third party apps or site and you are good to go. All the apps and websites which are shown in this article are safe and won't harm your smartphone. So use them without any doubt and get all the latest paid apps free for your android.

Is root required to get free paid apps ?

No! You need not to root your smartphone in order to use or install paid apps free in your phone. These apps and sites are easily accessible for all smartphone users. I know many people don't know about rooting their phone, that's why I cleared this question. If you want to root your phone, here is the list of best rooting tools for android by which you can easy root any android.

Here we are letting you for Third Party App Install by providing the sources to download the apps. This can be done by allowing the unknown sources in your app installing permission setting in your mobile phone. Head to settings in your android phone and security after that, there you can find an option to allow apps download from unknown sources.

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Here are the sources to Get Paid Apps for Free:

1. Blackmart

how-to-download-paid-apps-for-freeThis is one of the best sources to download paid apps for free, all android users must need to get access to all apps in android. Blackmart is fully customized and easy to use which have a clear division of Android Apps like you see in App Store. Sorting makes more easy by categorizing based on ratings, popularity.
Things to be noted:
  • Easy to access.
  • Categorized to browse easily.
  • Fully Customized.

2. 1Mobile Market

paid-apps-free-for-android onlyhax
This app have a big collection of all paid and free apps, every new app will be added automatically including the paid apps. 1Mobile Market is also available on Play store but there is only limited access to some apps and it automatically lets you to download from Google Play only.

This is just to avoid violating the terms and conditions of Google Play. But there is another version available on their site other than Play store to get rid of the limitations. This easily lets you download the paid apps without any restrictions.
Link to download 1Mobile Market App:
Things to be noted:
  • Very good collection of paid apps.
  • Two versions one is on Google Play store and another is through their site.
  • Easy to Download apps.

3. Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market is like 1Mobile Market app only. It’s available on play store with some limitations and full version is available on its own website, it was removed by Google store as it violated the rules.
It not only provides paid apps but also you can get access to paid music, e-books for free and paid movies also for free. Another quality is you can download YouTube videos to your android device easily with the help of this app. File manager of this app has a feature of cleaning junk files which cleans up your device. So it’s an all rounder app to download anything which is paid for free.
Link to Download Mobogenie Market
Things to be noted:
  • Not only apps but free music, e-books, movies and much more.
  • Free download of YouTube Videos to your android device.

4. Shared (Free/Pro)

paid-apps-free-android onlyhax
4Shared is like a repository which stores everything to search and download easily. It enables not only to get Paid Apps for Free but also you it hosts windows software, videos, images, PDF files and e-books for free and much more. How it works is the users upload files which are shared over the cloud by letting other users to utilize. Besides all the other apps this is legal and also available in Google Play Store. This app doesn’t promote piracy and it’s clear in terms of policies. Everything is done publicly and lets everything available throughout the cloud.

First thing you need to do is creating an account on 4shared which lets to get access with all the other apps. You also can upload files and download files uploaded by other users. Using the search option just browse the app you want and get which extension you want. If its Android app then choose the Apk file and search, main fault in this app is that some users will upload fake files which leads to spamming.
So these are apps which let’s you to download the Paid Apps for Free on your Android Device. These are not for Iphone users, so only Android users can download and get access.
Things to be noted:
  • Not only free apps but also hosts software, PDF files, images and e-books.
  • Safe to use where users upload and download through cloud sharing.
  • Few fake files will be uploaded so be careful as it leads to spamming.

Websites to Get Paid Apps for Free

Not only Apps which provide Paid apps for free, but here are the websites for getting paid apps for free on your android device. Listed five websites are the top ones which stores apk files like a repository of so many paid and free apps.


Head to which is the top most sites for downloading the trending APK files at free of cost. So this saves your money rather than spending money for all the paid apps. It has a good collection of .apk files for a long time like a repository of storing useful android apps.


9apps is another app which is well known for its apk files collection but the thing is that it’s not ad free. There will be so many free android apk files which are easy to download and set up.


This is a like a repository for a bunch of free android apk files which are useful and easy to install and set up. This lets to access paid apps for free in which there will be hundreds of games and other stuff.

4. is another one which has great collection of apk files and it has the collection from so long time. Almost 1500+ apk files are stored in this website, which has many useful apk files letting those to access for free of cost.

5. lets you download apps based on the version of your android device, 2.1.0 or 4.2.0 or 4.4 or 5.0 are the versions allowed downloading the android apps for free which are paid.

Warning: The links provided in this article to download paid apps for free are illegal and for trail purpose only. So we are not responsible for the actions you have done with your consciousness.

Final words:

So these are the methods of How to Get Paid Apps for Free, Hope you will be benefited by this article. We have shared few legal apps and websites to download the paid apps for free and also mentioned those which are not legal also. So it’s your decision to decide about which way to get those apps and get access without paying your money. So guys use any of above mentioned app or website and get your desired paid app without investing even a single penny. So if you liked my article please share it with your friends on FB, Twitter etc. I will see in the next one, till then have fun! Enjoy!! :) #OnlyHax

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