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How To Download Paid Games Free On Android Phone/Tablet

Namaste! Games in today’s world are a big business for the development companies. Games have crossed all demographic aspects and are popular amongst every age group. Earlier in the days a person playing video game was considered to be a child but with the growing technology and humans being slave to the mobiles games has evolved to another level. In this aritcle we will be sharing a detailed guide to download paid games for free on android.mNow, each and every age group is somehow connected to video games in some manner. Android game developers are keeping in mind, what to develop for different age groups. Youth is being allured by high end graphic games that are exciting and produce adrenaline rush while adults are being allured by mind games or puzzle games that question their intellect. Game these days is treated as a way out of boredom.

Toddlers are being taught with the help of games developed to enhance their learning. Gone are the days when games were treated as a bad influence for the kids. There are costs related to every good object, and the better the quality of games the higher its price will be. Users sometimes don’t have the exact means to pay for the games or they don’t want to pay the game because the price is too high. So, download paid games for free and enjoye all the games on your android phone.

One question that arises in the mind of users is why games are paid. The answer to this question is simple. Gaming companies and development teams invest their time, efforts as well as wealth in the development. So when they sell their games to play store google pays them some basic amount but after each time the game is downloaded and paid, google pays some fixed commission to the developer. Now, there are some free games too on play store too but the ones you will find appealing will have a price attached to them most of the times. Most of the sites on internet claim to have cracked games but be aware before clicking any of those links because most of the times those links are fake.

How a paid game does become free?

Well, there are many ways by which a paid game may become free for other users. One of the way is if some developer or cracker cracks the security of the game and adds a patch in it that makes it free. Obviously, this option depends on the intellect of the cracker if he is able to do so or not. Another way is if a user pays for game and then he uploads the game file along with the setup to be downloaded by the people who wish to play that particular game.

Now, sometimes paying huge amount just for a game that provides entertainment in free time seems obscure.  You may come across various links or website hosting paid games free. In this article we have tried to make a guide for you on how to install and setup a paid game and play it for free. Now, a main thing to keep in mind is to take care and be aware of the malicious site that claim to have cracked games and not to click on them as they can be really harmful for your device.

Basic requirements for enjoying paid games for free are as follows:

  • You must have an android device to play games from play store.
  • The most important need for the purpose is a working setup or apk of the game.
  • You also working data files of the game.
  • At last you would be needed to arrange and copy the game data files in the folder or location where they belong to run a glitch free game.

There are many websites who claim for a good quality game but here is the list of some verified websites are reliable and they host almost each and every paid games that are present on the play store.
  • APK4free -
  • Downloadapk4u -
  • -
  • -
  • -
You will just have to visit these sites and find your desired games, download the apk and related game files according to your phone and its GPU.

Steps to download paid games free:

  1. The very first step is to open any of the mentioned websites and search for the game of your choice.
  2. Download the setup and data files of the game according to your phone and its model.
  3. The downloaded file would be in the form zipped folder.
  4. You will have to extract the files from the zip from the app of your choice that are able to extract.
  5. After the extraction is complete, move to the folder where game has been extracted.
  6. The data files of the game extracted will be copied to the phone storage of your device in the folder Internal>storage>android>data.
  7. If after extraction you have obb files that is files with .obb extension then you have to copy these files to the same location as earlier. Internal>storage>android>obb. The mentioned obb files may be one or two in numbers.
  8. Now, comes the final step of installing apk in your device.
  9. After doing all this the game you have been waiting to play will be installed. Enjoy the rush.
  • Some things that are to be kept in mind is that different devices support different storage techniques that may come across as a problem for you while installing the game. 
  • Some devices support internal storage while some support sd card storage. 
  • So if you want to play your desired game you may need to change the location of your installed game files according the supported location. 
  • Another mistake users usually do is uninstalling the paid games and not copying their files to a different location for further use in the future. Uninstalling such games will automatically delete their physical files from their respective locations. 
  • Hence, if you ever wish to play the game in future then you will have to go through these installing steps once again right from the scratch. 
  • So it is advisable to copy the game files before uninstalling the game if you want to ever play the game in future.
So, guys these were some easy tricks to download paid games free on Android phone or tablet. Use any of above-described website and get all paid games free for Android. Game developers are doing really hard work to develop great games for us, so, please consider purchasing paid games instead of downloading them for free. Rest its up to you, if you can't afford the price you can get those paid games free from the internet easily. 
So, try this guide and let us know if you are facing any issue in the comments below. If you liked the artilce please share with your friends. Enjoy!! :)

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