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Hullo Free Calling Android App
Namaste! :) In this post I am gonna share an awesome android app to call anywhere, anytime for free without Internet Connection. Yes! you heard right now you can call anywhere without paying a single penny even without internet connection. :) Nowadays everyone wants a solution to reduce calling bills. So after reading this post, you won't need to waste your hard earned money on calling bills. This is just a simple app that offers free calls worldwide without an internet connection. So by using this android app, you can call to anyone without internet for free

This app is called Hullo. Hullo is an android app that gives you freedom of calling anywhere, anytime for free.  So let's start without wasting priceless time.

What is Hullo?

  • Hullo is your awesome new free calling app that doesn't need Internet data. 

Free Calls Anytime Anywhere Without Internet

Features of Hullo Free-Calling App - 

  • Hullo is a free android app
  • Easy to use
  • No Internet data required
  • Free calling anywhere, anytime 
  • Small in size

How to use Hullo free-calling Android app? 

  1. Download Hullo app from given link 
  2. Install Hullo free-calling app
  3. Connect with Facebook 
  4. Tap on a contact to call them for free. :)

Now you need not worry about phone bills. No more worrying about balance. No more missed calls. No limits on talk time or a number of calls made. Use Hullo free-calling app and enjoy unlimited free calls from your Android device/smartphone even without wasting your internet data. :)

Download Hullo Free-Calling Android App For Free - 

Note - App discontinued

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Frequently asked a question about Hullo free-calling app -

Q. Do I need internet to make the call?

A. Only to request the call. You do not require your internet data for the call.

Q. I just got a message saying you are offline
A. That is because the friend who tried to call you did not have mobile internet switched on while calling you.

Q. Does my friend need internet to receive a call?
A. No, they do not, as the phone calls are not over the internet.

Q. Where do I report issues?
A. You can message us on or on our facebook page.

Q. Are SMS’s free too?
A. No, only calls are free.

Q. What if I am on windows or iOS?
A. The hullo app for Windows and iOS are to be released shortly.

Q. Is this anywhere in the world?
A. As of now, this is just for calls in India.

Final words:

So enjoy this awesome guide to call free of cost to any number by using above explained free calling app for android. Someone said nothing is free in this world, but you can literally use this app to call free of cost. So happy free calling. Have fun! Enjoy!! :) 
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