PD Proxy VPN Service 'Secure and Safe Brwsing'

Namaste! :) In this post I am gonna tell you about PD Proxy. PD Proxy is a VPN(Virtual Private Network) which allows you to surf and download anonymously on the Internet and unblocks every site. Nowadays everybody use Internet. So it's very important to hide your online activities to be safe from online scammers. To hide your identity on internet you have to use VPN which creates a secure connection between you and online world. It hides your original IP address and encrypts your connection and makes you fully anonymous. To become safe while using Internet, I will advise you to use PD Proxy VPN which is the best VPN I have ever used. It gives you free 100mb bandwidth daily in trial account and unlimited data usages in premium account. You can use three protocol in PD Proxy 1. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) 2. UDP (User Data Protocol) 3. ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). There are many premium servers in PD Proxy of almost every country. You can choose any server and also you have freedom to choose your own port to connect with. :) You can choose any TCP, UDP port as your needs. 

Features Of PD Proxy VPN - 

  • TCP, UDP and ICMP Protocols
  • Many Premium Servers 
  • Unlimited Speed 
  • Fully Anonymity 
  • Easy To Use
  • Freedom To Choose Your Own Port
  • Small In Size
  • Creates Secure Connection

How To Use PD Proxy VPN - 

  1. First go to this link - PD Proxy VPN Service 
  2. Then create an account with your real info. 
  3. Now download PD Proxy VPN Software
  4. Open it and login with your Username and Password 
  5. Select any protocol type and click on Connect :) 
That's it! Now enjoy with PD Proxy and become fully anonymous while browsing on internet. ;) 

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