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Best PPD Sites Without Surveys

Namaste! In this post I'm sharing Top 10 PPD Website to earn money by uploading files. If you are looking for online income then it's the best way to make extra money online from your home by uploading files. This is a free program with no risk involved, only patience and little work on sharing or promoting your links is required. It is also called 'Pay Per Download' or 'Pay Per Upload' 

To make money by uploading your files simply you need to sign up in a website which you think better for sharing your personal info like your name, email etc. You also need to promote your link by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter etc. so other people download them. The more people download your files the more income you'll get.

Below is the list of Top 10 PPD Sites without survey to make money, this list is ordered through several aspects such as:
  • Value for each download
  • Good user interface
  • File management features
  • Payment methods
  • Referral commission 
  • Download and Upload speed
  • Reliable

1. Userscloud
make-money-online-without-investment-full-method is online free file hosting website which offers you to upload unlimited files and get paid when someone downloads your file. For Usercloud you need not to have blog or website just upload your files and share link on Facebook and other social websites. They offers unlimited storage, no file size limit, file never deleted. Paying rate is 15$ per 1000 downloads.  They pays when you reaches 5$ :) You can also refer a friend to earn extra money. 30% commission of referral earning.
Payment via - Paypal


best-ppd-sites-earn-money-with-ppd-network is also a good PPD Site which offers their users unlimited storage with high speed downloading links. Best thing is there is not survey system, visitor have to just download your files and you'll paid for it. They pay upto 20$ per 1000 downloads. It is better for peoples who have download site. pay 24/7 and payout methods are Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer(India).

3. Ziddu

They provide Worldwide Memberships. There is an age restriction that only 18+ peoples can use to upload files. The minimum payout via Paypal, Moneybookers in 10$. Ziddu has very high rank in make money by uploading sites. They are in business since 2007 and has become as one of the leading media sharing portal in the world. Ziddu is quite different from other uploading site from the point that they do not have premium accounts.All individuals can experience the premium benefits such as parallel downloads and no time waiting limit for Free and you can even make money whenever someone download your uploaded files regardless on the country as long as it is a unique download. You will get 0.001$ for each valid download.

4. Hotfile 

They have Worldwide Membership. Same as, they also need 18+ age verification. The minimum Payout via ePassporte, Paypal , Webmoney is 15$. Hotfile is also very reliable site. They started at the end of 1997 and have been crawling their way up to the top 500 chart of Alexa ranking for they have been very popular among uploaders. They reward their members based on the size of the uploaded file ranging from 5Mb to 400Mb.

5. Deposite Files 

Depositfiles pay 25$ per 1000 downloads of your files. You can upload any file types like Exe, Mp3, Mpeg , Avi, Rar, Zip, Jpg etc. Music files, video files, mp3, applications, games, ringtones, office files ( e.g. in Excel, Powerpoint, word, etc) projects, models, architectural drawing, conference recordings, price-lists, regular agreements , laboratory data, server configuration files, advertising booklets and so on. The size of a file you can upload is the maximum in the Internet now up to 2Gb. Everybody from any country of the world can participate in our bonus earning program. Flexible rates depend on the size of files you upload.

best-ppd-networks pay their partners anywhere between 1-100$ for every 1000 downloads of their files. The income per file depends upon the file popularity and file size. pays up to $20 per 1000 unique downloads.They pays for downloads from many countries almost 160 Countries.They also pay on Daily payments by request.The Minimum payment is just $30.They pay via Epese, Epassporte, Wire Transfer, Webmoney and PayPal.

7. Docstoc 

It is really easy to Download file at The files that you upload are monetized with your Google AdSense account.This means that you can get paid for every view for your file.This is actually number one but they need to merge with a Google adsence Account. DocStoc keeps the 50% of the revenue generated from your Ads displayed on the document page that you uploaded.

8. Crocko

Crocko is another amazing file upload site that pays generously to its users with the rate of approx 1$ per 500 downloads. The files that are downloaded for more than 60 days are deleted from the servers. Though you can get a premium account for that which would allow you to have 200GB for those dead files to stay on the servers. For the active files that are downloaded pretty often, there is no limit
 to storage space, means you can upload as many files as you wish.

9. SharingMatrix 

haringMatrix for now is the best place where to upload your files.  They give 5$ for every 1000 downloads of your files. I heard a lot about them but now I really not able to use this site because of any reason I don't know. It does not even access able. All time I get 404 Error or Server Disconnect Problem. But I think this site does not work in Asia. This is only for Europe and America.

10. Fileserve
best-ppd-site earn-money-uploading-files

Fileserve is one of a leading file uploading site. After you request it will take 2 days to process.It also groups the countries and based on that group, the payments will be varied. Fileserve provides 500GB files storage size. Fileserve provides various methods to upload files so it become easy to manage all uploaded file.

How to promote your links ? 

Just share them on online Forums, Facebook, Twitter. You can also promote your links by creating a blog on, it's free and easy to use. Make a free blog and write good quality posts and share your links and earn money by uploading files without survey.

Final Words:

So use any of above explained Best PPD Sites Without Surveys and make money by uploading files. Now you get double revenue from your website one from AdSense or its equivalent and another from PPD Sites. Isn't it bonus earning and who wouldn't like to make extra income? So use Best PPD Sites Without Surveys and start making from now. Have fun! Enjoy!! :)

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  1. you should inclue

  2. how to share downloading link for userscloud

  3. Some sites have different PPD according to country.But I'm confused about it it file downloader's country OR file uploader's.
    Please,help me.

    1. It's for downloaders. Uploader can be from any country, it doesn't matter. ;) BTW thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked this great list of Best PPD Sites Without Survey

  4. depositfiles, hotfile doesn´t work anymore, I m using uptobox, bidooza and 1fichier.. uptobox doesn´t pay but have a good speed, has it too and pay for every download.. 1fichier have a poor design :/

    1. Does 1fichier pay for downloads?

  5. Can we earn by giving links from free domains like Coz Userscloud doesnot support free domains to add

    1. Hey,

      Yes you can earn, no need to add domain just place your links and you'll get revenue per download. :) Enjoy Best PPD Site.

  6. sir, can i still get adsense ads on my website even i have these downloads links on my website. Are they allow to this kind of websites?
    please answer me as soon as possible
    thanks for kind information.

    1. Hello Rehmat,

      you can use download links along with AdSense but make sure your download links don't mess with AdSense ads and dont upload copyrighted stuffs. :>)

  7. Please sir, I'm from Nigeria can I upload PDF files and earn my money via usercloud.

    1. Hello Nonso,

      Yes, you can upload any kind of files and earn money via PPD Site.

  8. I signed from your referal link :)

    1. Oh! Great! :) BTW Thanks for using my referral link to join PPD Site.


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