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How To Enable Search Description Option In Blogger ?

Search Description box is one of the most important elements in Blogger post. It is very important to handle the description of every article carefully while posting in blogger. Search description makes your blogger post SEO optimized hence your post will come first in search engine. So enabling this option will make your site SEO friendly. You can also use it for Search Engine Optimization.
Search Description is the fifth element in the blogger  post which appears in the search result. So it plays a significant role in bringing traffic to your blog from search engines. You can mention about post content in search description and can also use keywords in it.

What Is Search Description In Blogger ? 

Search description is the short overview of your article. Means it shows about what your article is written for. So enabling search description option in blogger blog will make your article come top in Google SERP's . This is visible below link in search engines. It is very important to write Search Description of your article in every post of your blog. You can easily understand the logic of search description from below given screenshot.

Importance of enabling Search Description in Blogger:


Enabling Search Description Option In Blogger

By default Search Description option remains disable, so you have to enable it manually. So to enable search description follow the below steps carefully:

Before Enabling Search Description

Step 1. Log in to your blogger dashboard

Step 3. Then go to Settings > Search Preferences

Step 4. Here Edit Description option and do same as below screenshot


Step 5. Click Save button to save the changes

After Enabling Search Description

Done! Now you can put short overview of your article as Search Description while posting a new post on your blog.

Important Tips For Writing SEO Search Description

  • Do not repeat the keyword
  • Don't forget to write main keyword
  • Try to write search description between 140-150 letters.
  • Do not exceed 155 letters
  • Write search description of your post in natural way
  • Do not write unrelated keyword in Search Description
  •  Be honest while writing  search description

Final words:

By keeping these tip in mind while writing search description you'll get massive traffic to your blog. Better description could bring you huge organic traffic from search engines. It also improves overall quality of your blog/website in sight of Google. So write a SEO optimized search description and get high traffic to your blog.

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