Best Advertising Programs For Bloggers AdSense Alternatives

AdSense Alternative Advertising Programs For Blogger

Advertising Programs for Bloggers:

Here I’m sharing Best 10 Advertising Programs for Blogger which you can use on your blog to make money by Blogging. I have seen many people to get disappointed after AdSense reject their application but they forgot that there are so many others Advertising Programs to make money from blogging and you can use them to monetize your blog.

I agree that AdSense is #1 advertising program but it is very tough for everyone to get approved on AdSense. So everyone can't use it on their blog, but there are many other programs which are easily available and anyone can use. So this article is for those people who have rejected by Google AdSense and want to earn some cash by advertising on blog. So I have created this list of best advertising programs for blogger to help those poor bloggers. :P 

There must be many other advertising program which have come in market so do let me know by leaving a comment and help other blogging communities as well.

1. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) : 

These advertising programs offer revenue on basics of Cost Per Click. Means they provide different ads with different CPC for every ad and it also depends on origin country of clicks.

Chitika Clicksor
AdSense BidVertiser

2. CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression)

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impression, it means you'll get revenue per thousand impression. Rates are different of every CPM program.

CPXI ValueClickMedia
TribalFusion Technoratimedia

3. Cost-Per-Action (CPA):

CPA means you'll get revenue per action, means if the visitor clicks on ad and completes the actions like purchasing, subscribing etc. then you'll get revenue.


4. Text Link ads:

These advertisers provide text links as ads on publishers blog or site. These ads are proven for better CTR(Click Through Rate). Rates are lower than other ads.

TNX LinkWorth

5. Widgets:

These best advertising programs provide widgets to place on your site, you'll get revenue from showing widgets on your site.


6. Sponsored Reviews:

These advertising programs are great in my opinion as they pay high amount to post a sponsored review of a product, website, app or tool on your site. Revenue depends upon your site quality and ranking.

PayPerPost SponsoredReviews
ReviewMe BlogsVertise

7. In-text Advertising

These advertisers provide ads on keywords of you articles. Like they will provide you script to add to your site and then they will automatically convert some text of your site with ad links. It's quite good but not best.

Kontera VibrantMedia
Infolinks VigLink
Triggit BuiltInText

8. PPI (Pay Per Install):

These advertising programs are for those who having websites of tools, apps, software, plugins etc. They provide a link to install their program and once the visitor installs it you'll get revenue for that install. Paying rates are quite high but not good for visitors so choose wisely.

PureBits Perinstallbucks

9. PPD (Pay Per Download):

These advertising programs are good for bloggers who have android and software niche websites. As they provide storage for your files  as well as revenue per download. You'll get money for every download. PPD sites are of two types 1. Survey and 2. Without survey. To know more about best ppd site click the highlighted link.

Fileice Purebits
Cleanfiles Sharecash

10. Link Shortener:

These advertising programs are good for all kinds of bloggers as they pay for shortening links. You can short your links and get paid of every visit on your shorten links. I have written an article about best URL shortener sites. AdFly

Final words:

So it was a list of best 10 Advertising Programs for Blogger and you can use them on your blog/website to monetize your content and earn good money by blogging. I hope you liked this post, so go ahead and make money from your blog/website by using above mentioned advertising programs for blogging. If you face any problem don't hesitate to ask me in comments I'll surely help you out.

Best Advertising Programs For Blogger To Make Good Money

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