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Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO, as you may already know, is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. In simple words SEO is the way by which search engines such as Google.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com etc. presents your site in the users search results.

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How Search Engines Crawl Sites ? 

Well, they do it with the help of a tool called web spiders. Consider a large closed box with the air particles as websites and when a spider comes in it'll start crawling sites with each step. This is the same way how Search Engines crawling through the web by picking site after site. First the studying each website and then rank them. And this ranking is very important for SEO. As higher ranked website by Google will appear in the first page of search engine as compared to the lowest ranked website.

So to get higher rank by Google or any other search engine you really need SEO. Suppose you are in an empty room with a Computer without Internet, Same in the blogging world without SEO your blog is nothing. In other words, if you want search engines to find your website and rank it higher then your competitors in your field, then you have to optimize it. And this process is called Search Engine Optimization.

Ways to SEO optimize your Blog or Website

There are two type of SEO by which you can optimize your blog. Before starting with our 5 simple tricks for better and quality SEO let's take a look at these two types:

On-Page Optimization

It refers to the optimization of content of you web page such as HTML Code of your page, Text of your page and also graphics contents.

Off-Page Optimization

Actually Off-Page Optimization is to build high quality backlinks (hyperlinks which points to your website from other websites, forums, blogs etc.)

So, now let's focus on 5 basic tips to optimize SEO of your blog:-

1. Create SEO Friendly blog post Title

Post titles are very important for SEO. As they are really deal makers or breakers. Whenever you write something on your blog, make sure you give proper attention to the post's title. Make your titles simple, amusing, descriptive and native so that people may know what is this all about and what to expect. An even better idea is to wear searchers specs while giving a title to your post and think how would you Google it if you were looking for content like this.

And, also don't forget to use main keyword of your post in the title and keep it under 70 characters, because Google only shows titles up to 70 characters in it's search results.

2. Content Are The King-Improve Content's Quality

Yes! Contents are the king of your post. If you think content optimization is not necessary for Search Engine Optimization then you are thinking very wrong. As content is the very important part of your post so before writing new content keep below things in mind:
  • Don't copy from elsewhere (You can take idea's from other website but don't copy).
  • Don't fill the whole post with keywords only.
  • Don't fill it with only images and multimedia stuff. 
  • Write quality and informative content.
  • Don't write lesser then 300 words.
These above mentioned points would affect your rating so keep these in mind.

So, write quality and original content and use keywords as scenarios don't put them around every line and word.(like I use SEO here, SEO there, SEO tips in each line). And use images where they needs to be put and don't forget to name them properly so that they can appear in image search results. Like "23khdfe.jpg" named image would never appear in the image search results but if name it as "SEO_optimization_tips.jpg" it would. And make sure your blog post length is between 300-500 words, you can write longer but not lesser. Also wrap your text content properly with html tags such as <h1>SEO Optimization Tips For Blogger</h1> or <h2>SEO Tips</h2> etc.

3. Meta Tags - Keyword Tags And Meta Description

In the early part of 21th century, meta tags were enough for quality SEO optimization of blog or website. Google and other search engines left using meta-tags for finding sites info. And nowadays meta-tags aren't so useful for better SEO. But in present only meta description or Search Description is important and keyword tags are not affective. You can use them too but not so beneficial.

In blogger there is an option 'Search Description' in the right panel when you write any post. Use it and put (not more than 170 characters) short description of your post. Don't forget to include keywords in your meta description or search description, as it plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimization.

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4. Keywords Are Keys

Well you all might already know that keywords plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are the terms that other people use to search your content. As keywords are important for SEO don't stuff the whole post with keywords only. You can use keywords in your post Title, starting and ending paragraph, in Permalink as well as in the article body where required but should not sound awkward.

5. Inbound or Back Links

Hyperlinks are also very important for quality SEO. You can use them to Link out the other website, post, page or your previous post using anchor element with keywords.

Bonus Point

Write new articles daily or twice/thrice a week on your blog or website. Website with daily new content are better in ranking than other sites which post once in 1 or 2 weeks. So keep your site updated with new and fresh contents for better Search Engine Optimization. And also socialize your post with people. Let users talk about your work by asking them to leave a comment and you also do leave a comment on others website linking your post.

Final words:
So this article was on 'How to improve SEO of your blog or website'. SEO is just a way to do everything in a sophisticated manner on your blog. Rating of your website is in your hands not in Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. Everytime you write a new article make these above mentioned tips for better SEO of your blog. I hope you like these 5 tips to get quality SEO for your website. 

Write original and quality content, code clean, use proper html tags, socialize - this is what SEO is all about.

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