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How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger? 

Well it is the common searched term according to Google Search Engine. And in this post we gonna talk about how to add Google Analytics to Blogger with two different ways. Google Analytics is a very useful tool to track every details about visitors of your website. It's designed by Google Professionals to make you easy to understand your website or blog's traffic details.  First of all lets take a look on what is Google Analytics and why it's important ?

What is Google Analytics Tool? 

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool which is developed by Google that tracks and provides traffic details of your website or blog. Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics service to improve SEO and get all the details of each every visitor of your website. Google launched this service in 2005.

Why should I use Google Analytics?

If you want to track visitors details like visitor location, OS details, which keyword used to come on your site, which search he/she used, which device visitor using etc. These all kind of details about your site visitors are available on Google Analytics website. So if you want to understand your visitors and improve SEO of your blog/website you must use Google Analytics tool on your blog or website.  

By using Google Analytics you can track following about your site visitors:-
  • Amount of visitors to your website
  • Where did they come from
  • Which search engine they used 
  • Keyword they used to reach your website 
  • What they do on your website
  • On which page they arrived on your website
  • How they interacts with your site's contents
  • When they visits your website
  • Real time traffic details
  • Location and OS of your visitors and lot more information. 

How to add Google Analytics to Blogger? 

To add Analytics you need to add your blog's homepage to your Google Analytics account which you can do by adding Analytics Tracking Code to your blogger template. In this guide we will be talking about two different and easy methods to add Google Analytics to your blogger blog. Here are two different ways to add Google Analytics to your site:
  1.  By using Analytics Web Property ID
  2.  Using Google Analytics Tracking Code

1. Add Google Analytics to Blogger by using Analytics Web Property ID

As we all know that Blogger and Analytics both powered by Google, so blogger offers very good support to Analytics. You can add Google Analytics to your blogger by using Analytics Web Property ID, simply input that ID in you blogger account. To do so follow the below steps:

1. Log-in to your blogger account
2. Then go to Settings > Other
3. At the bottom of this page you'll find Google Analytics section with Analytic Web Property ID box as shown in the screenshot below. 


4. Now insert your Analytics Web Property ID in the above shown field. 
5. Done! Now Google Analytics is integrated in your Blogger account and you can start tracking and analyzing your site traffic using Analytics. 

How to find out Analytics Web Property ID? 

Many users have this issue that they can't find Analytics Web Property ID. So if you are among those people follow the below steps:

1. Log on to your Analytics account 
2. Then navigate to Admin Page > Property column. And here you'll find your Google Analytics Web Property ID. See below screenshot for better understanding. 


Above mentioned method is very easiest way to add Google Analytics to you Blogger blog and start monitoring your site visitors.

2. Add Google Analytics to Blogger by using Analytics Tracking Code. 

You can add Google Analytics to blog by implementing Tracking code into your Blog's template. How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code To Your Website 2016 Full Guide. To do so follow the below steps. 

1. First of all Log on to your Analytics account and then go to Admin > Property > Tracking code (As shown in screenshot below) Copy this Tracing code.


2. Now log-in to your blogger dashboard and navigate to Template and then click on Edit HTML which is in right below template preview image as shown in below screenshot.

3. Here click anywhere in the code area and press CTRL + F and a find box will open. Now find </head> 

4. Then just before </head> paste Analytics Tracking Code which you copied earlier. 


5. Now click on Save Template when you are done. 

That's it! Google Analytics is added to your blogger blog and now you are ready to track and analyze your website's visitors. 

Blogger and Analytics integration tips

If you added Google Analytics to blogger using anaylytics tracking code, you have to repeat the above steps whenever you upgrade of change template of your blog. Because when you change template of your blog, you will loose all the changes you did in previous template. So you need to follow the above steps again whenever you change template to add Google Analytics to blogger. Thus adding google analytics to blogger blog using Web Property ID is the safe way. So I recommend you to use Web Property ID to add Google Analytics to your blogger blog to avoid future problems.

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