Easy way to upload or apply custom Template in Blogger Blog

Upload Customized Template On Blogger
In previous post I explained 'How To Create Blog On Blogger.com'. In this article I'll be sharing a cool and easy way to upload customized template in blogger blog. We have to create a good looking blog but the template provided by blogger are not so good. There is another way to change design of your blog by uploading premium or free template. There are many free/premium templates available on the internet. For example Templatism provides 2 col, 3 col templates. Choose one template, download it and upload on your blog.

How to upload custom Template in Blogger Blog ?

  • Open Blogger and login with your username and password. 
  • Then select your blog in which you want to upload your custom Template
  • Now go to Template [Bottom in left panel] > Backup/Restore [Right Top] as shown in Pic. below

  • Now a pop-up will open, now browse your Template and then click on Upload as shown in picture below

  • After upload click on Close.

That's it. You have done. Now enjoy your new customized template in your blogger blog with new design and user interface. :) So it was a quick and very simple tutorial on "How you can upload or apply your own new customized and designed template in blogger blog".

New your own customized template makes your blog look cool and improve user interface of your blog. So upload your own template in your blog today and make it more user attractable.  If you like this post, please share this post with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and other social sites because 'Sharing is Caring' :) New Fully Customized Template For Blogger. Best way to customize your blog by uploading custom template.

Upload Your Own Customized Template in Blogger Blog

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