Trick To Increase AdSense CPC

Top Best Tricks To Increase Google AdSense CPC

Google AdSense is first priority for bloggers and other website owners who want to earn money by advertising on their website. So if you are one among these, you must read this article carefully. Because AdSense CPC is one of the most important factor that helps you to get more revenue from advertisers. So to get hard cash from Google AdSense you must optimize your AdSense CPC. If you are getting high traffic but low CPC then you won't make good money. In this article I'll be sharing few top best tricks to increase AdSense CPC. These tricks are very useful and helpful for those people who getting huge traffic and their AdSense earning is not good. It's time to optimize your AdSense Earning by Increasing AdSense CPC.

What Is AdSense CPC ?

First I'll answer few common questions then we will move to the few best tips to increase AdSense CPC. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. Means the revenue you get per click is called CPC. Some people saying that CTR is more important than CPC. But according to my view of point you must focus more on CPC to get higher revenue. Thousands of impression on ads wont make you huge money if your AdSense CPC is low. So if your blog have high CPC and good CTR then you will make decent revenue from AdSense. If you noticed micro-niche blogs, which have average traffic but their earning is huge, reason is simple their AdSense CPC is high that's why they are making huge money from Google AdSense.

Below are some points which are very helpful to increase AdSense CPC and CTR(Click Through Rate). So follow below mentioned points to get higher AdSense CPC on your blog.


1. Niche or Keywords

First of all you must choose the right niche for your blog in order to get high CPC or Cost Per Click. Google AdSense CPC directly depends on the topic of post which you are writing on your blog. If your blog have articles based on high cpc topics then you will be getting high AdSense CPC. Because Google provides high cpc ads on base of rich keywords. So choose the best topic and keywords before writing post on your blog. Rich keywords/topic = Higher AdSense CPC.

trick-to-increase-adsense-cpc-20172. Quality Traffic

It is also best point on which you should focus, if visitors are not properly focused on your niche then they will not click on ads. As CTR is also an important factor in increasing adsense CPC. So you make sure that your traffic should be seeking what you are advertising. Your page should be relevant to a specific keyword. If you are getting good quality traffic mean you will get more clicks. More clicks on your page might increase value of your traffic and Google will then provide high quality ads on your page. And your AdSense will increase automatically. So get quality traffic and optimize adsense cpc.

top-best-trick-to-increase-adsense-cpc-20173. Content

Content also plays an important role in increasing adsense cpc. Great content makes your visitors read full article with interest. If your content is full of keyword flow then they will move to another site and will not read your article. So write good content which are related to your post topic. Write what visitors want to see on your blog. First search on internet what people seeking and then write about that topic in a manner that you are answering all their questions. If they are not satisfied with your content/article they probably wont click on ads on your blog/website. As someone said 'Content are God for bloggers' you must write quality content and improve adsense cpc.

trick-to-increase-adsense-cpc-20174. Country

Yes country is also important factor to notice. Observe your adsense report and find which countries pays you higher CPC and focus on getting traffic from those high-cpc countries. It is the best factor to increase CPC. For example a click on an ad from UK will pay you 2$ to 5$ and a click on same ad from India will end up paying 0.20$ to 0.30$. So always keep in mind which country you targeting. Always target high CPC country like USA, UK, Canada etc.

how-to-increase-adsense-cpc-trick-20175. Ad Units & Placement

If you are serious to increase your AdSense CPC, then you must keep in mind that ad placement is also plays an important role. Place ads where people click most and keep experimenting until you find the best placement. Also remember that ad units should not be more than 3. Keep only three ads placed on your blog else your CPC will start decreasing. So place ads on right space and get high adsense CPC.

best-trick-to-increase-adsense-cpc-20176. Ad Review Center

In Google AdSense there is an option to review ads which google placing on your website. Here you can block those adverts which usually pays low revenue per click. So block all those ads which have low CPC and give starts to those ads which giving you high CPC.

7. Best Tricks Ticks To Increase AdSense CPC - General Tips

I'm finishing this article with below mentioned tips to increase adsense cpc.

Ad Platform: It also make difference whether you blog being seen on PC, Laptop, Tab or Smartphone. Sometimes smartphone ads gives higher CPC than other platforms. Make sure your blog/website also available for mobile phones as well as other devices.

Avoid Link Ads: Link ads are attractive and can be easily placed under title or at sidebar. These ads might provide you high CTR but usually link ads have lower CPC. So if these are not benefiting you much remove them.

Ad Categories: In ad categories don't block any categories. There are many sensitive categories such as Black Magic, Dating, Drugs etc. but blocking them might lead lower your AdSense CPC.

Quality Of Your Site: Always focus on the quality of your website or blog. As higher the quality of your site in the eye's of Google algorithms, the higher AdSense CPC you'll get on your website. So use good keywords, focus on on-page SEO and quality backlinks building.

Keep Experimenting: Always keep doing experiments with different ad-sizes, ad placing, ad units, ad types etc. Who knows, someday you might discover a new AdSense CPC optimization trick.

My AdSense CPC & Earning Proofs

AdSense CPC

How To Increase AdSense CPC or YouTube AdSense CPC Increase Tips & Tricks [Bonus]

  • Write quality and unique contents and high CPC keyword rich articles. 
  • Get huge organic traffic to improve your site's ranking in sight of Google, which will surely increase AdSense CPC.
  • Always write unique contents itself, never ever copy or scrap articles from other sites or blogs. Unique & quality content = High ranking = High CPC
  •  Drive more than 10k organic traffic from search engines 
  •  Keep less ad units will surely increase Google AdSense CPC 
  •  Focus on Ad placement, better ad placement = high CTR = High AdSense CPC = Huge AdSense Earning. :) 
  • Control your site's bounce rate, try to engage your visitors by showing them attractive infographics and use attractive related article widget. 
  • Target high CPC countries such as USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia etc. As clicks from these countries have huge AdSense CPC. 

Google AdSense Low CPC Advertiser's List

How To Increase Google AdSense CPC Increase Trick 2017 Full Video

Final Words:

This article was for those people who are getting huge traffic but low AdSense YouTube earning. Follow all the points and do let me know which trick worked for you to increase AdSense CPC. It's not all in your hands but if you do hard work and new experiments, you'll surely get success. Always remember that 'Hard work always pays off". Do all that, and let us know which trick you had discover to Increase AdSense CPC. :)

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