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Namaste! :) In this post I am back again with the solution of a very common issue 'AdSense Disapproved/Rejected'. It is as 'Google have any personal problem with me, it always disapprove my application'. ;) But it's not like that, Google AdSense only approve those blogs or website which compile with their terms and conditions. But if your blog or website got disapproved for AdSense, then this AdSense Approval Trick is for you and its very easy. 

As I also faced the same problem and I was tired because every time I apply for AdSense, only one email from Google AdSense 'Unfortunately after reviewing your blog/website we are unable to approve your application at this time' :( Isn't it ridicules ? Yes it is. But after so many attempts I got success, finally Google AdSense Approved on my blog/website.

And now I can show ads on my blog without any further issue. And it's ultimate and very simple trick to get Approved for Google AdSense. You can also find many AdSense Approval Trick and articles on web about 'How to get fully Approved Google AdSense'. But most of them are useless and some are very difficult. 

But after read this post you won't need to find any other solution for this issue, because this AdSense Approval Trick is confirmed working and tested by me. And by this method you will definitely get Fully Approved AdSense Account for your blog/website

So lets start and follow the below steps accurately, if you want to Approve Google AdSense on your blog/website:

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Follow below steps to get AdSense Approved on your Blog/Website - 

Step 1. First of all make sure you have written enough articles to get Google AdSense approved on your blog. 

Step 2. Write atleast 5-10 lengthy and unique articles on your site. 

Step 3. Don't copy or scrape article from other website, it is against AdSesen rules. 

Step 4. Submit your blog in all search engines and webmaster tools, such as Bing webmaster, Google search console etc. 

Step 5. Create pages and groups on social bookmarking websites to get more traffic and improve ranking of your blog. 

Step 6. Get some quality backlinks for your site to impress Google boss. :p 

Step 7. Write Search Engine Optimized articles on your blog  to get unique and organic traffic from search engines. 

Step 8. Your blog design should be very unique and user friendly.

Step 9. Make your blog simple and fast to load, it will increase your chances to get AdSense approved. 

Step 10. Your site contents should be unique, relevant, value to your users and fresh. 

Quick points to Approve Google AdSense on your blog or website:

  •  Design your blog well and user friendly. 
  •  Write unique, lengthy and relevant articles. 
  •  Don't post about hack, crack, gambling etc. 
  •  Share your site on social bookmarking website. 
  •  Write SEO optimized articles. 
  •  Improve SEO of your website. 
  •  Get more traffic from search engines.
  •  Don't post scrapped or copy righted contents. 
  •  Don't copy from other websites. 
  •  Get some quality baklinks 
  •  Now apply for Google AdSense


Now you can show ads on your blog/website without any issue. And by using this method you need not to wait a long to get reply from AdSense. So guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)

I also created a video of this, by which you can better understand the steps. So watch the full video and enjoy your fully Approved Google AdSense Account :)

How To Approve AdSense Even After Disapproved/Rejected [Full Video]

Final words:

So, I hope you liked this article about 'How to approve Google AdSense'. This is a simple and effective trick to avail AdSense on your blog or website without any issue. There are many articles regarding AdSense Approval Trick but most of them are useless or not working. So use above explained method to Approve Google Adsense Account Trick on your blog or website in minutes.
If you have any query or questions regarding this post, then don't hesitate to ask in comments below. We will reply ASAP. :

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