Monetization Disabled On YouTube Fix

How to get Monetization back on YouTube?

Is monetization disabled on your YouTube channel? If yes then this guide will help you to re-enable monetization on your channel. Its a big issue for YouTuber's that many of  YouTube users get a Red icon on Monetization Tab or Monetization tab disabled. I also faced the same problem without any prior notice or email warning from YouTube. Then I searched on the internet for the solution but I didn't get any working solution for this issue. After long research, I found a working solution by which I got my Monetization Tab Enabled again in just 8 hours. It's just a simple and working solution for this problem.

There are many websites and YouTube videos available on the internet regarding this issue but most of them are waste of time and not working at all. But don't worry after reading this guide you won't need to search for this problem.  So follow the below steps and fix "Monetization Disabled on YouTube Channel Fix".

Follow below-explained steps to get monetization back on your YouTube channel:

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Method 1 To Fix Monetization Disabled

Step 1.First login to your YouTube account.
Step 2. Then go to My Channel - Video Manager - Channel - Features and Status or simply click Here! []


Step 3. Now here you will see Red Icon in front of Monetization Tab if Monetization is disabled on your YouTube Channel.

Step 4. Now click on Send Feedback [At the bottom of Left Pannel]


Step 5. After the click, a popup will appear. Now in the text box paste this:

Why has Monetization Tab disabled on my channel while my account is in good standing.

Step 6. Now highlight all the text and icons till the Monetization tab. (As shown in the pic below)


Step 7. Now Click Next - Submit.

That's it!

Now after you successfully submit feedback, you will get an E-Mail from Google or YouTube, that Your account is enabled for Monetization and you can Monetize all of your YouTube videos once again. :)

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Method 2 To Re-enable Monetization on YouTube

If above explained guide won't work for you (rare chance), then here is the another proven method to get monetization back on YouTube. 1st method is best and works without any problem but in a few cases, if that guide doesn't work for you then you can use this another guide which will work for sure. Follow below steps to re-enable monetization on YouTube channel.

Step 1. Log in to your YouTube account and go to channel dashboard

Step 2. Navigate to Channel - Monetization

Step 3. Here you'll see an option 'Review of change AdSense association' click on it or ClickMe!


Step 4. Now click on Change button and change AdSense account (you can create a new hosted account easily or change with old AdSense account)

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Step 5. Follow screen instructions to change AdSense account.

Done! after this process monetization will re-enable on your YouTube channel within few minutes. By changing AdSense you won't lose your current or unpaid YouTube earnings, so don't worry about loosing your hard earned cash.


Note:- Watch Video (Below) For Better Understanding. 

Monetization Disabled On Your Account Fix [Full Video]

Note:- If your account is not in Good Standing, you will not get monetization feature back on your YouTube channel by method 1 in such case use method 2

Final words:

Don't use any illegal tricks or methods to get Subscribers, Views or Revenue.  Shortcut ways might get your channel in bad standing hence Monetization will disable on your YouTube channel. So work hard, use legal guides and get huge success. Follow any of above-explained methods and get monetization back on your channel. Both methods are working fine and tested by me. I hope this article helps you to fix monetization disabled on the YouTube channel. Have fun! Enjoy!! :) 

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