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How to Hack or Crack Wi-Fi password In Android Phone?

Namaste! In this post, I'll explain how you can Hack or Crack Wi-Fi password in your Android smartphone by using WPA-WPS Tester Premium ApK. You can crack wifi password of your neighbor using your smartphone. For this, you have to install WPA WPS tester pro apk in your Android phone. It's very simple to hack or crack wifi password in Android phone with WPA WPS tester premium apk. By using this Wi-Fi Password apk you can also test your own wifi network.

WiFi Hacker ApK Download

WPA WPS Tester is an Android apk which developed specially to crack wifi password by using your smartphone. You won't need a PC or Laptop to hack wifi password, your Android phone is enough for this. This app is not fake and it's working perfectly. It's possible to hack or crack wifi network if it's using a weak password. Nowadays everyone is using WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption to protect their wifi from hackers. But it is possible to hack WPA/wpa2 PSK encrypted wifi if you have good knowledge of hacking. But if you are a normal person and want to hack your nearest wifi password then you can use WPA/WPS Tester Premium Cr@cked ApK. Wpa WPS Tester Premium  Cracked APK (Root). Wpa WPS Tester Premium. After the success of “Wifi WPA WPS tester” comes the Premium Version. Wpa WPS Tester Premium Apk [Root] [Latest] Download WPS Wpa Tester Premium (ROOT) APK For Android

WPA WPS Tester Premium Cr@cked APK - Hack Wi-Fi Password

This application is not so complicated, anyone can use it very easily and test the security of a Wi-Fi network. Even a non-technical user can hack wifi password using WPA WPS Tester APK. So let's come on point:

WPA WPS Tester Premium ApK

After the success of 'Wifi Wps Wpa Tester' here comes the Premium version of wifi hacker apk! Use this Android app and test if your wifi is secure of not. You can crack WPA WPA2 PSK and WEP encrypted WiFi network by using Wpa WPS Tester. Thanks to this wifi cracker app which allows us to hack any wifi password in minutes using an android phone. Let us talk about some features of this app:
  • No Advertising
  • Easy To Use
  • Simple User Interface
  • Very powerful app to hack wifi password
  • Option Copy Password
  • 'Show Password' Menu
  • Algorithm used: Zhao
  • Added default pin of many Wi-Fi routers
  • Vodafone Arcadyan 
  • No lags
  • Enough! :3

What's New? 

  • Fix multiple pins

Requirements To Hack Wi-Fi In Android Phone:

  • Rooted Android Device [4.0+ Recommended]
  • Terminal Emulator Installed
  • Busybox Installed
  • Use on High Signals -60 or less [Recommended]

How to use Wpa WPS Tester Premium APK?

  1. First of all download the APK from given link
  2. Now copy the .apk file into your android memory [If downloaded in pc]
  3. Now make sure you have enabled the Unknown Source in Settings
  4. Then install the .apk as normally 
  5. Open the Wpa WPS Tester Premium Cracked apk
  6.  Now press Refresh 🔄 Button
  7. Then a list of all the available Wi-Fi networks will be shown
  8. Here if you see a Green Lock Icon, Click on it.
  9. Now press try to connect
  10. Here choose a 'PIN' [Try All] also try 'Verbose'
  11. After some time a pop-up will appear with the Wi-Fi Password
  12. Use the password, Connect with that Wi-Fi network and enjoy free high-speed internet for free! :)
Download Wpa WPS Tester Premium APK Using the link down-below.


Final verdict:
So, the above steps are for HACK WiFi using WiFi WPS Wpa Tester Premium APK. By using this application you can easily hack your Neighbours WiFi Password and have lots of fun with their Wi-Fi and have a great experience of hacking WiFi password in android phone. WPA WPS tester is now become the best app to hack wifi password in android phone. In our article of 'Best WiFi hacking Apps,' it's there. Hope you liked the post, don't forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below about any related queries. Anyway Thanks for visiting OnlyHax! :) Have Fun!

Hack or Crack Wi-Fi Password In Android Smartphone Using Wpa WPS Tester Premium Cracked WiFi Hacker ApK

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  1. :d McDonalds password is weak as shit

    1. Hello Pranav,

      Happy to know that WPA WPS Tester helped you to break WiFi passwrod. Now enjoy free internet. :)


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