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Extra Earning With Your Websites Guide!

Namaste! Hello everyone! In this article I'm gonna explain how you can make extra cash from your existing blog without investment and hard work. This is very simple to earn some extra money from your current site or blog using some alternative ways. There are many ways to earn money by blogging such as AdSense, Infolinks, Affiliate marketing etc. But many bloggers need some alternative to these networks. So today here I'm gonna share some cool tricks to maximize your blog's earning without loosing anything. 

There are many other alternative earning sources by which you can increase earning of your blog. So in this article we will be talking about some best and tested sources which are capable to increase your earning. So let's get to the main topic. 


1. PPD (Pay Per Download) Sites or Networks 

     PPD networks are also great way to increase your blog's revenue. You just have to choose a best PPD site and create an account then upload demanded files and share links on your blog. Whenever people download your files, you'll get revenue. This way is quite famous now a days for newbie bloggers. As many people have blogs of Android apps, premium softwares, serials etc. So they can easily maximize their earning using any of best PPD sites. PPD sites are of two types:
 i) PPD sites with survey, 
ii) PPD sites without survey. 

1st are those sites who requires visitors to complete a short and easy survey in order to download desired files. These sites have high paying rates around 0.10$ to 22$ per download. But you'll get less downloads as every user can't complete survey. 
2nd are those who don't have surveys, mean visitors don't have to complete survey to download files. But these sites pays less revenue as compared to survey ppd sites. It's all upto you which one you choose, if you have normal files simply choose ppd sites without survey and if you have most demanded and exclusive files then go for survey ppd sites. If you have no idea which ppd site to get started with, don't worry I've already published best PPD sites list.


2. Using URL Shortener Sites

  URL shortener sites are also a great way to boost your earning. URL shortening mean converting your long URL into a short URL. Sometimes we face difficulties to share blog links just because it's large, so to overcome this problem many bloggers use Google URL shortening service. But Google doesn't pay even a single penny to use their URL shortening service. So you can use different URL shortening networks which are best to increase your blog's earning. Just use any of best URL shortening sites and start earning by shortening your blogs links. So if you are have long links, use shortener and make your link short as well as earning to do so. :) 


3. Using PPI (Pay Per Install) Sites

   PPI sites are also good source to increase your all over earning. PPI stands for Pay Per Install, the full form itself says about it. So to make money with PPI networks you should have huge organic traffic on download niche sites. In PPI you can lock your link or hide your original link in an promotional link. Visitors have to install couples of applications in order to get the real file. This source is considered as last, because this is not safe to your visitors and you may loose your returning visitors. PPI sites also have high paying rates. They pay around 1$ per install in average rate. Means if you have 10k daily visitors you can easily earn around 50$ from PPI network.
Final words:

So guys if you are running your blog and website based on download files niche and want to earn some extra money, above explained are some of the real and genuine ways to boost your earning. You can search on every format regarding these sites, you will come to at one point as these are real and trusted sites for earning extra money from your blog. So use described ways of earning and make huge money online from your blog or website.

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