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Namaste! In this article I'm gonna talk about CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN, which is considered as the Best VPN Service Provider of 2017. As we all know what is VPN and why does we need a VPN, but for those who don't know about VPN let me explain few things about a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is generally being used by many people to hide their location and to protect itself from governments and spammers. As we all keep our privacy safe in real world, so we also should focus on our online privacy. When you use internet and surf web, there are many spammers and hacker there to steal info of your online activities in order to accomplish an attack. Using internet without VPN is like joining a fight without shield. So always use a good (CyberGhost 6 Premium) VPN service to make your online world safe and secure from hackers.

CyberGhost VPN establishes a 256 Bit AES encrypted connection to the CyberGhost-network. Here the online shownand clear recognizable IP address will be masked and replaced with an innocuous one. The Windows-Client is installed fast and is very intuitive. Also available is an iOS App and the support for the native protocols PPTP,L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN; as well as a Mac and Android Client.

All New And Optimized CyberGhsot 6 VPN Is Out

If you are have previous experience with CyberGhost Premium VPN, you might have already noticed this: the well-known world map of older days has been replaced by tiles, each one representing a single VPN profile for a sharply defined usage scenario. In order to better serve unexperienced users, who might have certain goals in mind, but don’t know how to best accomplish them, the all new pre-configured feature sets (or “profiles” as we call them) provide a completely unique Premium VPN experience: a 100% user-friendly one.

More experienced users have not been forgotten though. They get a profile just for themselves: “Choose my VPN server”. This allows them to better customize their connection, by choosing a country or server manually. But first things first. Let’s give each single profile a look and see what it’s meant to deliver:

CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN Features:

  • SURF ANONYMOUSLY: This profile activates all protection components and starts the browser in incognito mode. It also allows users to manually change the pre-set features, according to their own preference
  • TORRENT ANONYMOUSLY: This pre-configuration includes the selection of the) fastest P2P-compatible server (at the time of the release) along with appropriate protection measures.
  • UNBLOCK STREAMING: A highly complex profile with the goal of rendering the streaming services provided 100% accessible, regardless of the user’s location.
  • UNBLOCK BASIC WEBSITES: Cost-free profile for everyone to use, providing access to censored or blocked websites worldwide without having to pay a fee.
  • PROTECT MY INTERNET CONNECTION: Similar to ‘Surf Anonymously’, but with an important twist: CyberGhost’s ”Network Protection” automatically detects wireless networks, remembers them and, if  selected, unfolds its protection without any further effort from users, whenever the networks are detected again.
  • CHOOSE MY VPN SERVER: A profile we dedicated to more advanced users, providing access to any of more than 600 single servers worldwide plus the manual activation of additional features such as ad and malware blocking.   


By simply clicking on a single profile, the user will activate a multitude of features. The most important ones are already pre-set, but they can be customized manually as well. Here is, for instance, what the Surf Anonymously profile consists in:

  • BLOCK MALICIOUS WEBSITES: Keeps malicious content from harmful websites at bay.
  • BLOCK ADS: Prevents the display of ads and banners, improving the users’ web surfing experience (no annoyance, no unnecessary bandwidth consumption) and protecting their devices against the malware delivered through ad networks.
  • BLOCK ONLINE TRACKING: Disables online behavior monitoring and removes Internet traps, which store and analyze your browsing history.
  • DATA COMPRESSION: Minimizes the amount of data transmitted to reduce mobile data usage costs.
  • EXTRA SPEED: Premium subscribers are given the opportunity to connect to the CyberGhost ‘Extra Speed’ servers, which entitle them to a faster online protection. 

All these features are processed directly by CyberGhost servers, which means that there will be no extra load on your processor and no costs for unnecessary data transfers. Simply activate the feature you want and your CyberGhost service will handle the rest, allowing only the traffic you aimed for and protecting you against online threats.

The CyberGhost for Windows app was especially designed with user-friendliness and accessibility in mind. That is why even after the app has been minimized to the system tray, through one click on the icon, all the six profiles will reveal themselves, allowing the user to quickly select and activate the one of their choice.

You can either go to the pre-configured profiles or connect directly to any country CyberGhost Premium VPN has a server in. You will still have full control over a profile’s additional features, because each connection will be established with the settings last assigned to the respective profile.

To access all the app’s settings, simply click on the “Maximize” button.

What do you want to do today? Let’s say ‘Surf Anonymously’! For that just click on the yellow profile, check on the settings and initiate the profile with a click on ‘Start Anonymous Surfing’.

Now let’s go one step back and have a closer look at the settings window. A big part of it is dedicated to the additional server-based features you already learned about in the previous chapter.

The default settings for this profile are all activated, except for ‘Data Compression’ which you actually just need when using a mobile network or when are traveling and saving up on Internet traffic. But if you want to deactivate a feature, e. g. the ad blocker, because you want to support the websites you visit, you can simply do so by clicking on the switch at the right end of the feature. Once blacked, it won’t work on future connections until you activate it again.

At the top of the screen, you will discover the “Launch options” section. By clicking on the arrow next to the “Launch default browser in incognito mode”, you can choose between a variety of options. You can set CyberGhost to start your default browser in either normal or private mode as soon as the VPN connection has been established or simply don’t launch any browser together with the activation of the profile. To the right, you will find the “Choose country” option. The ”Surf Anonymously” profile automatically connects you to an arbitrary country different from yours to enhance anonymity. But if you instead want to connect to a certain country, just define it here.


After all the features have been selected or left as they were, you can start surfing automatically by clicking on the yellow button at the bottom of the screen. Wait a few seconds and after your VPN connection has been established, the  window will  display details about speed, amount of data transferred, and check marks on working functions such as new IP address, encryption strength and any activated add-on feature.


Within seconds, your device will be anonymized with a new IP address, secured by strong encryption and protected by an additional anti-malware shield, prepared to fight against Internet attacks. In case you already have an anti-virus product running, the CyberGhost VPN will bring you the extra protection needed when surfing the Internet. Plus, if the ad blocker is activated, the websites you visit will display less to zero ads, which will result in a distract-free reading experience and faster loading time.

Try all these for a while and tell us how you feel about them. In case you find yourself far away from home or any free hotspot, try the “Data compression” feature in combination with the ”Ad-Blocker”, the ”Malware Protection” and the ”Prevent Online Tracking” feature. This will surely allow you to check how much mobile data traffic you can spare on a single trip.

However, if a webpage is mainly made out of ads and unreadable with the ad blocking feature activated, simply deactivate the feature. The page will become accessible again, without the need to end the connection and re-connect in the client app Tip: When you visit your online account, which probably is still open after key activation, have a look at the device management page. There you will find protection statistics for each device you use CyberGhost on.

After browsing the Internet more safely than before, you might also want to try the other CyberGhost profiles available:


 Downloaders need a different kind of protection from usual surfers. For example, there is no big need for anti-tracking and ad blocking. In fact, it would mostly just slow users down, when all they actually need is speed. So, except for protection against malicious websites, which might indeed be necessary, this profile’s main purpose is to check for free servers in countries that allow P2P traffic such as torrents and choose the ones with the best performance. If you prefer, you can choose to have the download manager start automatically after a connection has been established.

This profile might be completely new to some VPN users, but will turn out to be very useful, as it comprises a list of dozens of streaming services which it allows you to unlock through one simple click. Updated on a daily basis, this list provides you with the best chance to unblock the content that you love without checking server after server or even VPN service after VPN service. Through the selection of this profile, CyberGhost 6 will handle the task by itself, no extra effort required from your side. In case there is no server available for the streaming service that you desire, the respective website will be removed from the list until CyberGhost finds a solution to add it back.

cyberghost-vpn-key onlyhax

If there is a streaming service that is missing from this list, you can add your own If a certain amount of users also show interest, this can become a permanent addition to the list.

Another worldwide unique VPN feature, this comes as a free profile for everyone and will always be this way. You don’t need a subscription for this, not even an account. Simply choose one of the platforms provided and unlock the service that is not available in your location. Once connected to CyberGhost 6 VPN, you can freely and safely surf wherever you want. It’s not the CyberGhost way to limit access to global information worldwide.

 In case you find this profile similar to ”Surf Anonymously”, you are right. The difference lies in the focus on mobile connections, e. g. on laptops or notebooks when away from home. By activating this, you are automatically connected to a server in your home country instead of an arbitrary foreign one. This will help you avoid language conflicts, such as websites displayed in foreign languages. The second difference lies in the auto protection, when entering a WiFi network, either a password-protected one or a free-access WiFi. CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN automatically detects each, asks how to handle it, remembers your decision and repeats it the next time you use the same network.

CHOOSE MY VPN SERVER (where the tough ones go) 
We’ve saved the most advanced for last. This profile gives you the possibility to create individual connections to VPN servers worldwide, equipped with either some, all or no additional features. Click on this profile and either connect directly to the server with the latest valid settings (including server location) or have a look at what other options you have at hand.


The server list contains all active single servers, grouped by location. You can either choose a country by marking it with a single mouse click, or decide for a certain server within a certain country. If you opt for a country, CyberGhost 6 VPN will activate the most efficient single server inside that country automatically. In most cases, this will be to your advantage. However, in certain situations, you might want or need to assign a single server manually, e. g. when you have to test a couple of individual servers in order to find a one that has not been blacklisted for your favorite streaming service or when you simply are not satisfied with CyberGhost’s decision. To mark a single server, first open the respective country entry with a click on the little arrow on the left and then, click on the server entry itself. Don’t double click, for that will start the connection at once.

If you need some help with your decision, use the upper menu and the list rows, which let you filter the list with the following criteria in mind:

  • Fewest users: The list displays only servers that are less popular at the time (your connection might be faster)
  • Most users: The list shows only servers which are more popular at the time (your connection might get slower than usually, but the presence of more users will provide an additional layer of anonymity) 
  • Fastest: The list displays only the fastest servers to choose from. This value is time-dependent. 
  • No Spy Server: The list displays only servers included in the NoSpyProxy package. Torrent: The list displays only P2P compatible servers. Favorites: The list displays only your favorite servers. To mark a server as favorite simply click on the black star on the respective server entry in the list. 
  • User load: Utilization factor of a server in percentages. The more users a single server has at a certain time, the stronger the additional layer of anonymity might be (because they all share the same IP address). The less users a single server has, the faster it might be. This value is time-dependent. 
  • Torrent: Marks if a server is P2P compatible or not. Ping: Shows the time a server needs to answer. This value doesn’t necessarily correspond to a possible download speed, but is important for gamers. Also it is time-dependent.
  • Ping: Shows the time a server needs to answer. This value doesn’t necessarily correspond to a possible download speed, but is important for gamers. Also it is time-dependent.

You already know these. They are the additional features CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN comes with, such as the ad blocker and alike, and after clicking on ‘Settings’ you will be able to activate or deactivate one, some or all of them for the current connection.
Remember: Regular VPN settings, such as 256-bit AES encryption, IP exchange and no logs are hardwired and can’t be deactivated – just in case you wondered that even though you deactivated all features some are still displayed in the connection window.

How to download CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN

To download the most recent software version of CyberGhost, visit the CyberGhost homepage at HERE! and click on ‘Free Download’

How to install CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN

  1. Open the download location, 
  2. Look out for the file CG_x.x (whereas ‘x.x’ is the version number) and 
  3. Start setup with a double click. 
  4. The installation procedure is pretty forward and an assistant will guide you through all necessary steps until the program starts.

How to activate Free Premium Key of CyberGhost 6 VPN

Depending on whether you are an existing user or new to CyberGhost, the way to key activation is slightly different, but starts the same way:
  • After launching the CyberGhost 6 client,
  • Please click on ‘My Account’ in the upper menu.


EXISTING USERS: If you are already logged in with a CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN account, you will be redirected to your online account management, where you can enter your Premium key.

NEW USERS: In case you don’t have a CyberGhost account yet or are not logged in to your regular account, your browser will automatically direct you to the ”Welcome Ghostie” section to create an account. Please enter your desired username and (optionally) an email address for account recovery purposes.

We suggest adding a valid e-mail address, because it will help you recover your account information in case you ever lose it.  


Please store your CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN login data as well as your PUK safely. We recommend the usage of a password manager, such as KeePass, 1Password or LastPass. However, if you ever lose your login information, your e-mail will be the key to recovering it.

After filling in all the necessary information, click on ‘Continue’ and you will be taken directly to your account.


  1. Go to ‘My Account > Overview’ and
  2. Click on ‘I already have an activation key’ right beneath the ‘Upgrade’ button.
  3. Your personal activation key is: XXXXX- XXXXX - XXXXX - XXXXX - XXXXX - XXXXX Enter the key, click on ‘Activate’ and confirm.
  4. Wait a little bit and after the system has acknowledged the key you will be logged in automatically in your CyberGhost Windows client as well.


About CyberGhost:

Founded 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost S.R.L. is the creator of one of the world's most reliable privacy and security solutions in the world. The company secures and anonymizes the online presence of over 8.5 million users across the globe. CyberGhost S.R.L. defends privacy as a basic human right, being first in the industry to publish a transparency report while building new user-oriented crypto-technology for the future.

The Company has a team of 30 consisting of a German developer team, and a group of highly motivated young IT experts located in Romania. Exceptionally experienced with internet anonymity and endeavor to work with like-minded persons, the company contributes an important part for the support of civil rights, a free society and anuncensored internet culture.

Final words:

So this is all about the all new CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN. CyberGhost has also launcher their Android and iOS apps to use this best VPN in your smartphone easily. No doubts that Cyberghost 6 Premium VPN is the best and strongest VPN in the world with lots of features and fastest speed. So I encourage all OnlyHax visitors to try out this new version of CyberGhost 6 VPN. So use CG 6 and keep you online activities safe and secure. Have Fun! Enjoy!! :)

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