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Namaste! Google AdSense is one of the best and most widely used Advertising networks to earn money online by showing relevant ads on your blog or website. And almost every blogger or website owner using it, because it has highest paying rates and paying on time too.

But earning money online is not an easy task, you have to work hard to get your desired income form AdSense. So in this article, I'll explain few tweaks or tricks to Increase AdSense Earning, so that you can get most out of your hard work. There are many things which matter to increase Google AdSense Revenue, but many publishers have no idea about these secret tricks to increase AdSense earning

I have already written an article for newbie bloggers on, How to get approved by Google Adsense easily

So now without wasting time let's move to the main topic, tricks to increase AdSense revenue. As we all know that traffic is the main factor that affects your earning as a blogger, and every blogger wants more and more traffic in hope to get more money.

But in case you are using adsense and thinking that only huge traffic will get you huge money is not right. Because there are many factors which are affecting AdSense earning. Such as Ad size, Ad placement, traffic quality, Content quality, CTR and most importantly AdSense CPC (Cost-Per-Click). 

If you are writing an article on your blog and you are researching on keywords, you should also focus on the CPC tab of those keywords as well. As high CPC keywords will get you high CPC advertisers to show ads on your website. 

5 Most Useful and Most Affecting Tricks To Increase AdSense Revenue

 1. Traffic Quality

Google AdSense gives more revenue to the publishers who are getting high-quality traffic than the ones who are getting low and fake traffic. So focus on getting quality traffic such as organic traffic from search engines. Quality traffic = High AdSense Revenue. Just do some SEO on your blog and get ready for quality traffic from Google and other search engines. 

2. Keyword Rich Content

Google AdSense provides ads matching to your content, means if you have quality content you'll get advertisers which pay more revenue per click. So get high CPC keywords in your article as they will attract high paying AdWords advertisers. So basically your adsense earning will boost automatically. 

3. AdSense CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

Google AdSense provides ads matching to content, means a certain type of contents gets more matches than others. Google AdSense operates a bidding method, means the more matches you get is the better to Increase Adsense earning. In order to get high paying advertisers, you need to write high CPC keyword contents. If you have huge traffic but low CPC your earning will be low too. So Increase Adsense CPC to boost your revenue. I have already written an article on it, How to increase Adsense CPC. 

4. AdSense CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

CTR is also one of the most effective factors to increase adsense revenue. CTR means how many clicks you are getting per thousand views. The more clicks you get on ads means the more revenue you will get. So focus on ad placement and ad size to get more clicks, and to increase CTR. High CTR = High CPC = Huge Revenue. 

5. Ad Placement / Ad size/type

Adsense revenue also affected by the placement of ads and the size/type of ads. There are many ad sizes available in AdSense, but below are some of the best ad sizes which work better:
   300*250 - Great

There are myths that link ads are not good and should be avoided. But in my opinion link-ads are great, they are different from image and multimedia ads, and they get better results if used properly. Place link ads below post title and believe me, you'll surely get great results. 

Ad placement is also important, as ads placed on most clicked areas get more clicks which increases CTR and hence your AdSense CPC. So focus on ad placement and get more clicks. Below are some great placement areas:
  Below post title
  At the middle of the post
  At end of the post 
  Sidebar Ads


Few extra tips to Increase AdSense Earning

  • Get organic traffic from countries which have high CPC, such as US, UK, Canada & Australia etc. As traffic from these locations will give you, even more, earning as compared to other countries. So focus on targeted traffic.
  • Place ads between posts, as it will increase your adsense earning for sure. Place link ads in between your posts with the same color of your ads as background. Keep in mind that the space between ads and contents should be great enough avoid adsense policy violation. 
  • Block low CPC ads in your ad blocking section of adsense. As it will increase your adsense earning in few days. Find low CPC and less performance site ads and block them to show on your site.
  • AdSense for search, use it on your site boost your AdSense earning. As AdSense for search plays a great role to add some extra $$$$ in your pocket. 
  • Write high-quality content which attracts high paying advertisers, to get high CPC ads on your blog or website. 
  • Focus on SEO & get huge traffic and high CTR. 
  • Keep experimenting with ad sizes, ad placements, ad types, keywords, SEO etc. As experiments make a man perfect. The more experiments you do, the more knowledge you'll get. So keep experimenting and who knows one day you end up finding a new trick to increase Adsense earning. :) 

Final words:

So, guys, these were some easy tricks to increase adsense earning or revenue. Keep theses things in mind and one day you'll get huge AdSense revenue on your own. So implement these tactics on your website or blog and get ready to see a huge difference in your AdSense Earning. One more thing, don't do anything that is against Google AdSense policies, as doing some cheap tricks to increase AdSense Earning will lead a ban to your AdSense account. So do hard work and focus on legal ways to boost your earning. Have fun! Enjoy!! :)

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