Namaste! In this article, we gonna talk about how to connect WiFi without the password. Do your friend, neighbor, or your relative have the WiFi connection and he is not at home or not telling you the WiFi password and you need to connect that WiFi without password? If yes then you are at the right place.

Here in this article, I'll be sharing a great and easy to use the trick by which you can easily use WiFi without the password.
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Connect WiFi Without Password

Such type of tricks come in handy when you visit your friends home and he is out for some work and you don't know the password of his WiFi, then how can you connect that wifi without password? Well, it's possible to use any secured WiFi connection without the password.

It's very easy and anyone can use this trick, if you no technical background, don't worry any nontechnical person can do this by following few easy steps. 

Many WiFi routers are vulnerable to connect without the password and due to these vulnerabilities, you can get the benefit of the free internet by using any WiFi without having the actual password of it. So without wasting the time let's get started. 

Can I Connect / Use WiFi Without Password? 

Yes! You can use any secured WiFi without the password. This question is asked over thousands of times, and the answer is yes. But now you might think how? Well, there are several ways by which you can access any WiFi connection without the password. Such as hack wifi password by using Best WiFi Hacker Apps and by Cracking WiFi Password by Wibr+ Plus etc. There are many android apps available to crack or hack wifi password easily. But in this article, I'm gonna share a simple trick by which you can easily connect wifi without the password

So without wasting more time let's come on the main topic. Below is the main trick to connect or use any WiFi connection without the password. Follow the below steps accurately and enjoy the benefits of free high-speed internet. :) 

Connect / Use WiFi Without Password in Android

Step 1. First of all, you need have access to WiFi router and your android phone 

Step 2. Then make sure that WiFi router has WPS feature in it

Step 3. Now you have to make sure that lock notification light is not on or not blinking (in the front of router)

Step 4. Then press the WPS / Reset button which is located on the back side of WiFi router 


Step 5. Now you will notice that the lock icon on the front of wifi router is now blinking, which means WPS is waiting for a connection 

Step 6. Then immediately go to your phone and open wifi network option and there you have to find WPS Push Button option and press it


Note:  If you don't find WPS Push Button then find a refresh icon there somewhere and click on it 

Step 7. After few seconds you will get connected to the WiFi router without entering the password. :) 

Bingo!! You are now connected to the WiFi router and now you can use wifi without the password. So this was a simple yet very useful trick to connect wifi without the password. So use this simple trick and have the unlimited high-speed internet for free. :) 

I also have created a video on this topic which is useful for many people to understand better. Below is the full video to use free wifi without the password. 

How To Connect WiFi Without Password Latest Trick Full Video HD

Final words:

So this is a very simple way to use/connect WiFi without password on your android smartphone. Such tricks become very useful when you have access to the WiFi router but you don't know the password of wifi or when you forget your own WiFi password.

Then you can use this simple trick and can have access to WiFi without the password. So use this information and get ready to connect WiFi without the password the very next time when you needed. :) Don't forget to share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. Because Sharing is Caring :) Have Fun! Enjoy!!

How To Connect WiFi Without Password In PC/Mobile

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