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Best Apps to Download Free MP3 Music Songs For Android

Namaste! In this technologically advanced era nothing is easy without having prior knowledge of any aspect. For example can your mom or dad easily download free mp3 music or Songs, Movies without seeking your help, even if they are educated it need time to do few things. But thanks to those apps which made our work easy with its easily accessible features which are easy to understand. So no need to download songs on PC and transfer to your smart devices, here are the Best apps to download music / songs. These Android apps are great to download MP3 music.

Searching based on the artist, your mood and years are the other features which are worthy to download. These apps to download free music are compatible to both your iPhone and android devices, it will completely make you forget how difficult it was to listen audio songs, video songs and downloading them. So we have mentioned the top 20 Best Apps to Download Free Music or you can say free music downloader apps.

Why You Need Apps To Download Free Music ? 

Answer is easy AF, nowadays almost everyone has smartphone and no one would like to surf random websites to get their desired songs or free music. Right ? Yes everybody likes to have a unique app from which he/she can download or listen all the songs. So that's why you need a best app to download free music.
And In the below explained list we has compiled 20+ best apps from which you can listen or download all the songs or music without surfing different websites for each song. (Say goodbye to all those ad serving websites and get all your favorite free music at one place) :)

Why You Need Best Free Music Downloader App? 

Well, all of we know that, there are tons of apps available on the internet, but not all of those are best and safe for us. Many free music apps are full of annoying ads, popups etc. And many with virus infected and not safe to download music from those apps. So to prevent all these risk we has shared an awesome list of Free Music Apps to get all your favorite songs on your smartphone for free. :) Isn't it great to have all the songs at one place ? So if you want to have a best app to download free music on phone then you're at the right place. :)

Below is list of 20+ best apps to download free music songs on your Android smartphone:

1. Pandora - Free Music App 

This app is for free of cost which lets the users to search songs based on their choice, like their favorite artist, album or song or MP3 music. You can create your own playlist and this app will suggest you the similar recommendations. Download free music based on your taste and listen offline also without searching for the internet when you want to listen music.
Unlike the other apps it provides you to listen ad free music without interruption, what it will be like if some ad pops up while you are listening to your favorite song? I feel irritated if I get ads like that as it will ruin my mood. For those who want to listen songs based on the genre then this app provides playlists, not everyone will have same tastes and opinions.

2. Spotify - Music App

Spotify is the best music app which helps you in finding music on your interest, follow an artist to get updates about new releases. Synchronizing with system to access the music and songs of your choice is another feature which makes this app special.
Spotify music library features helps to save your favorite songs as a playlist and listen them whenever you want. One would not deny the fact that is the Best app to download Free Music. Based on your interest spotify will let you create a radio station and plays according to that, Browsing music based on artist, song and album is easy in Spotify Premium APK.

3. Tune in Radio - Free Songs

Everything at your fingertips is facilitated by the smart phones of this generation, radio which is a device once now can be accessed through app. There are so many apps for radios in the app store from so long but this app is the best among those as it lets you to access local radio stations easily.
Had a thought that why to listen to a radio without your choice of songs? This app will find out your favorite song played by the radio stations when you search for it, isn’t its awesome feature provided by this app.It allows you to record a song while listening and the best thing is it works for so many smart TVs.

4. Slacker Radio - Free Songs Apps

This is a free music app to create a list of your favorite songs which you can listen to music offline, so no need of internet also when they are saved offline. It is a pre-programmed radio which will find out the songs of your genre.
As like every music app it lets you create a playlist of your own and also stations, save the songs you like the most and those you listened recently.

5. iHeart Radio - Free Mp3 Music

iHeart Radio is one of those music apps a music lover should have it on their mobile, this app supports almost all kind of devices reaching more number of listeners. It has zero commercials which is expected by most of the app users to access ad free music.
Search music based on your interest, genre and listen to podcasts, saving the stations you like is easy by this app. Do you often sleep keeping your phone turn on while listening to music? Most of us do this which eats the charging like anything, but this app will let listeners to set an alarm which will turn off after few hours.

6. Google Play Music - Free Music Apps

Music is the only thing which works according to your mood, listeners can choose songs according to their wish based on mood, activity, favorite artist, song or album in this app. Google Play Music is a inbuilt app for so many android devices reaching more number of listeners, you can listen to podcasts and create a playlist of your own choice.
Almost 50,000 songs can be uploaded in this app and listen to those without any cost. Songs for what you are doing, your feelings and what is your interest through ad supported radio.

7. 8Tracks

This is another radio app for smart phones which provides you 8 tracks with a mix, it provides ad-free music which enables user to enjoy break free music. This app offers staff picked mixes along with popular and trending which you can share and like. Based on your taste it will recommend the similar Kind of music.
To find out mixes by your own then search for an artist or any activity, genre and mood based music. If you are happy then you can search based on that according to your mood, likewise sad, partying, summer are the other mixes it will show instantly to listen and enjoy. Favorite collection of yours will be accessed on SoundCloud which are stored.

8. Musi - Download Free Songs

Musi app is another app for music lovers which let users to add videos from YouTube and SoundCloud, a playlist can be created based on your interest to watch it with your volume settings and playback controls.
You can browse, search for any kind of music from this app which are popular and trending. Also searching is possible based on the genre, changing will be easy from HQ to standard while watching to save the extra data usage. No matter that so many playlists can be created but the main fault is that its not ad-free unlike the other apps.

9. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is the app which is similar to that of Google Play Music, you can upload 250 songs to your account for accessing those on your mobile. It will arrange the songs along with the songs on your mobile phone, this will create a playlist. Some apps won’t club the mobile playlist songs and the songs downloaded from the app which will be messy.
Like the other apps this app also provides the user to download the songs offline and listen them anytime without having internet connection, so you need not to run or ask for WiFi/hotspot to listen songs whenever you want to listen.

10. Shazam - Free Mp3

Have you ever failed to search for a song you have listened? Unable to recollect that song and want to listen it again and find out the details of the song, then Shazam is the best app to find out any song easily. video clips, song lyrics, related tracks and streaming services can be accessed easily at your fingertips, so while listening to a favorite song singing along with it made easy by this app as it provides the lyrics.
The songs which are identified in shazam can be tagged and shared to let others know about your discovery on social media sites. It’s easy to find out new music on shazam as so many popular singers are using it, once you follow them, then you can discover what they share and discover. So this is the one of the Best apps to download Free Music. When you search for Best Apps to Download Songs this will top in the list.

11. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an interesting app which will have a collection of uploads done by various users, so you can get access to so many different kinds of music. These uploads include the music which is homemade and also from the upcoming artists, for every minute on an average 10+ hours of music is being posted.  So you will have an unlimited music, moreover you can’t find time to listen to all those. It’s a feast to music lovers who wants to listen to new music.
You can customize your playlist to stream that on your phone, it lets you to share your playlist to others also. Few devices provide to record an audio and upload it to the app for reaching many others.

12. Deezer - Mp3 Songs

Are you a music lover who wants to continuously listen? If yes then Deezer is one of the Best Apps to Download Music for free. It will let you access to your favorite music even if you run out of data or if your router is troubling. There are so many radio stations and you can also listen to your favorite artist songs as the collection will be unlimited.
Like the other apps it will also allow you to create a playlist based on your choice and also customize on your interest. It will personalize your search based on your listening interest so that you will get to listen the music based on your preferences. If you follow your favorite artists then it will send you updates whenever they release something new. So be the first one to listen the songs of your favorite artists prior to others.

13. Napster - Free Music Apps

This app is another awesome app which provides you the unlimited collection of songs with a offline option to listen them without internet connection. Napster app won’t irritate you with continuous ads which make you to close it and uninstall the app.
This app has KIDS feature where they can enjoy listening with an interaction, so those kids who love music will enjoy this app feature. Almost all devices are compatible to download this app and enjoy the high quality sound offered by this app.

14. Tidal - Songs

This app will let you access music by signing up with your social networking sites, you need to search for the tracks,artists you want to listen than creating a favorite genre. High fidelity music can be enjoyed with this app, as it provides the playlists from top charts you can easily listen easily.

15. Jango

Jango app will provide a personalized radio stations to let you listen your favorite music, choose the genre you would like to listen then start your journey of listening the songs from this app. Login through Facebook or create a new account before accessing to the music in the Jango App.
You can browse stations at home screen and also navigate easily from the stations you listened previously. You can search for a station which is playing your favorite song and tune into it, this app provides the Today’s top 100 songs every day.

16. Groove

This is the best app for both Andorid and iOS users, almost 85,000 users downloaded this app in a short span of 24 hours which made it to become the number one app in Best Apps to Download Free Music.

The main attracting feature about this app is it will let you listen to music without internet, you may say that there are so many apps like this. But this app will let users to listen music even if you turn your mobile into flight mode, this will be best when you travel for long on flights. Creating playlists and listening to mixes instantly is easy through this app.

17. Songza - Free Songs

This is another user friendly app which let you listen to your favorite music based on your mood, activity. If you want to wake up gently then it will provide you music based on that and also if you want to wake up happily then there are some collection. If you workout at gym it will provide music for that also, this app will provide access to playlists created by some music experts.

18. FlipBeats

This player will allow users to experience a wide range of songs with a cloud based streaming allowing users to search and listen music you wish for. Its Gesture powered UI is one of the best thing, it also provides sleep timer option to automatically turn off after some hours of playing. So it will reduce the consumption of battery and running issues.

19. SoundTube

This music player app will let you access unlimited playlist of songs, access to mixes, remixes and wide range of playlists it offer. Streaming videos from YouTube will make your experience better with its clean UI, Lock screen playback controls accessing easily to listen songs which are top 20 songs without interruption.

20. - Free Music Mp3 Songs

This is the best app for those who want to search any information all over the world, songs can be accessed based on some tags, artists, tracks and albums. You can also search for similar kind of songs and artists, this app also lets you to store the songs to your phone to listen in future. Library will be created of the downloaded songs and share those preferences of you with your friends and have a musical history of the songs.

Final words:
So these are the Best Apps to Download Free Music / Songs , we have mentioned these by filtering from a bunch of apps available in the market for both Android and iOS.  So use any free music apps from above list and enjoy your favorite songs for free on your Android phone. Some apps are ad free and others contains ads but you can enjoy unlimited  free music being offline to turn your day.

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