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Namaste! Whenever we open a website and try to download a file or read some things about a particular topic, a form gets opened, in which there are general questions which you have to answer. Otherwise, you cannot download the file or read some content about a particular topic. These forms are called surveys. It is very annoying because they just open in between and you have to answer those useless questions which take so much of our precious time. Sometimes, even after submitting your survey, another website gets opened irrelevant to your target and also you are not able to download a file. So, in this article we will be sharing some tools to bypass survey online and you skip survey online easily using these tools and extensions.

Best Survey Remover Tools & Plug-ins

Have you ever wondered why these surveys appear on the websites? Because they are one of the sources of income for third party members. However, users get an option for closing the survey that is opened but if they close the survey. They are directed to the page which is also irrelevant and also they are not allowed to download a file or something.

There is a solution to the problem where we can remove these survey that gets opened in between. There is a number of survey bypass tools and plugins which you can use to avoid these unnecessary surveys or skip survey online.

Below is the list of top 4 best Survey bypass tools to skip survey online:

1. Survey Bypass


It is one of the most famous tools that is used for removing surveys that come in between the websites. Survey Bypass is very easy to use. You don’t need to follow so many steps. You just need to enter the URL of a website whose surveys you want to block. This website also provides options like encrypt URL, allow cookies, remove objects, encrypt page and remove scripts.

Steps to use this survey remover online:
  • First of all visit the link provided below
  • Now paste your survey link in the link box there 
  • And choose the required options as your needs 
  • Now simply click on 'Go' 
  • Bingo! Now you successfully bypassed the survey.

Visit here to bypass survey online

2. Survey Removal Tool

You don’t need to worry about the survey issue or don’t have to wait so long for getting your file download. Survey Removal tool will make your work easy in seconds. You just have to download the Survey Removal Tool from the given link and start using the tool which can help you to make your work easy and fast.

Survey Remover Tool

3. ShareCash Survey Bypass


Suppose you want to download the file which has surveys in between that file can only be downloaded if you complete the survey. But you don’t want to fill the survey because we have no idea whether this website will allow us to download the file or just drag us to a new useless website. So in order to solve the problem we can download ShareCash survey bypass from the given link and after downloading, a dialog box will appear where you can enter the URL and after that, your file will be downloaded without disruptions.

Survey Remover Online

4. Survey Smasher


It is one of the best tools that is used for bypassing surveys within a short interval of time. It removes the surveys and uploads the files to media fire. It is one of the bypassers which supports all the survey provides though there are some of the tools which support some of the survey providers and some are not.
But with Survey Smasher, it supports all the providers and also you don’t have to register for using this tool.

You just need to copy the URL in the section where you can get all the information of page and block the survey and after that upload the file in media fire that you want to download. It doesn’t have the downloading limits, we can use this tool for any number of times.

Online Survey Bypasser Tool

Survey Remover Online Plug-ins:

1. XJZ Survey Bypasser Extension / Chrome Survey Remover


This is one of the extensions which can be installed on your google chrome. Though we have never imagined that we can also block survey sites as we block add using the Ad blocker. You just need to visit the google chrome extension and type there XJZ Survey Bypasser Extension and after that, you will get this extension and simply click on install button. After few minutes, an extension will be added to the chrome which you can use it and block the site which has surveys. This tool is also used by developers and learners. This tool can also help you to learn JavaScript thoroughly and also it can help to solve the problems which arise in the web development.

Chrome Survey Remover Online

2. Redirect Bypasser Plug-in For Firefox


This is also one of the extensions which used for survey removal and this extension is used in Firefox browser and it cannot be used in the google chrome. For using this extension, you need to download and install the redirect bypasser from the given link. After that you may start using this extension. Redirect bypasser extract data from URLs automatically, you just need to hover over the links from where you can download a file. Before downloading this extension, you can also check the demo which can help you to decide whether you should use this tool or not.

Survey Remover Plug-in Firefox

How to use XJZ Survey Bypasser Extension?

For Google Chrome Survey:
  1. Open the google chrome and visit the link that we have mentioned here for downloading the tool or you can also visit the gallery where you can type XJZ survey bypasser extension. Then there will the tool which you can download and click on install.
  2. After the successful installation then open the “ExtensionChrome.exe” and it will run the background.
  3. Then we can start using the tool which can help you to download a file or search content about the topic without the disruption of the survey forms.
  4. So, that's it now you can skip survey online using this chrome survey remover online. 

For Mozilla Firefox Survey Remover:
  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox and click on the top right corner of the screen where you can click on the setting buttons.
  2. After the click on the plugins button which looks like a gear which can direct you to the page where you can type the extension name in the search section.
  3. Then install the plugin and after that restart the Mozilla Firefox.
  4. After that start using this plugin and bypass survey online.


As we have mentioned the number of tools which are used for the survey bypass. But it depends on our choices and requirements which tool we would like to use to make our work easy. So, use these survey remover tool and bypass survey online easily. These online survey remover tools are working fine with many website and you can use them without any issue.

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