Make Free Calls Online Without Investment

Make Free Calls Online Without Registration Full Guide

Namaste! Have you ever imagined that you can make free calls online using your PC? Living in the 21st century, now we have an option of making a free call to anywhere in the world. You don’t need to register anywhere for making a call or follow a number of steps. Best apps/websites to make free calls online without registrations are included in this guide.

You just need a browser with a stable internet connection so that you cannot face any problem during the free calls. It is made through a process named Voice over IP where you can make two or three calls of short duration using a single IP address.

This thing is mainly used by the people who want to make business calls because they don’t need to register for making a call. Just open the website and use the web application for calling anywhere in the world.

For making free calls online without registration, you need to install these following requirements in your personal computer

  • First, you need to install Java in your Laptop, and if your PC already have it, then you don’t need to install.
  • Second, you need to install Latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
  • Last but not the least, disable the Ad block extensions from your web browser.
So, now you have all the requirements installed on your personal computer. Let’s discuss some of the websites which allow us to make free calls anywhere in the world without registration.

Below is the list of best websites to make free calls online without registration:

#1 approx

If you are living in the United States of America or any other country and want to make a free call in India, then PopTox is the best option for your need.

It’s a web-based application, and you don’t need to have an application installed but have the above requirements installed in the computer and also have a stable internet connection so that you don’t face any problem.

Just open the website and choose the country at where you want to make a call and then enter the mobile number and press the call button. Hence you made your call with getting into any registration or anything.

Visit Here

#2 Globfone

This is one of the websites which uses VoIP call service for making free calls all over the world. Now you don’t need to worry about the rise in bills because this website is so easy to use that you don’t have to do so many things for calling a mobile or a landline phone.

You can use Globfone at any time and from anywhere. It also helps us to make video calls as you know that these websites are basically used by the people who are doing business or making deals in another country.
In this website, the satisfaction of users is given a high priority as this provide best user experience and derive joy from the fact that you can call a mobile, landline phone, national or international phone.

Visit Here

#3 CiTrusTel

This web-based application helps us to do free online calls to all the mobile and landline phones, and this application is based on VOIP which doesn’t require any registration or app downloads.

To use this website, you need to have the above requirements installed and a stable internet connection. They have more than two thousand telco operators worldwide to deliver the best quality phone calls and also free of cost.

This website also has an amazing user interface and also a 24-hour support, if you have a query in between, you can email them, and they will reply you back within three hours.
Isn’t it amazing? Because there is no such website which also provides technical support for these kinds of facilities.

Visit Free Calls

#4 Call2Friends

You can make internet calls online using this web-based application at a very low rate and also without installing any additional plug-ins.
Using this application, you can make a call to any country like India or U.S. with getting yourself registered. It also records your calls suppose if you are taking an order from other country client and you forgot what he said.

So, you can easily listen to the recorded audio and note the order accordingly. It is integrated with more than 15 large telecoms, as it always provides you the best regarding quality as well as price. By using this application, you can even make video calls which are also cheaper than the Skype.

Free Calls Online Here

#5 iEvaphone

This is one of the websites which is very much used by the people around every corner of the world to make free calls because it provides the best quality as well as it doesn’t charge any fees.

Some of the websites also ask for the bank transfer to get the money but this website, apart from the free services it also provides security to your private data. Using this website, you can make a call a person for about 3 minutes that is 180 seconds, and you will be allowed to make 1 or 2 calls per day using the same IP Address.

Visit here To Make Free Calls

#6 FriendCaller

It is one of the most amazing ways to talk with your friends or anyone over the internet anywhere and anytime. It also provides video chat feature, and this web application works in any environment, and you don’t need any requirements that to be installed so that your application works properly without any problem.

It is also available on Android as well as IOS so that you can install in your Android and Apple phones and use this application. We can also send photos and videos to our friends which provide us the flexibility that we can do anything using this web application.

Visit To Make Free Calls Online

How to make free calls with no registration?

Follow these steps so that you can call anywhere and to anyone. Let’s take an example and open a website and call our friend using
  • Visit the on your phone or laptop using a web browser. Remember, your device should have an internet connection.
  • After opening the website, a 'dial call' will be displayed, where you can choose the country where you want to make free calls.
  • Type the phone number and press the Call button.
  • When it is connected, you will hear the voice and start talking using a microphone.

Final words:

These are the steps mentioned above that you need to follow for using a website for free calling. All the best and top websites and apps to make free calls online without registration are included in this article. So use these free calling apps & websites and enjoy flawless free calls from your phone or PC. So guys if you have any query regarding free calling or if I forgot to any other app or website, leave a comment below and we will help you out ASAP. If you found this helpful please share because 'Sharing is Caring' :)

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