Best Free Music Player Apps For Android

Best Music Player Apps For Android To Listen Your Favorite Songs

Namaste! A smart phone without a music player is not so worthy for some people, Friedrich Nietzsche who is a German Philosopher said “Without Music, life would be a Mistake”. So, most of the people won’t commit this mistake as they listen to music in one form or other for making their life more interesting. There are bunch of Online Music Apps that swiped away the need of cassettes and CDs to carry with you everywhere. In this article we will be sharing a list of best music player apps for android to listen your favorite music a different way.

No matter how many Online Streaming Music apps are doing pretty good job, but the real happiness lies in listening to the saved songs without having internet. Just phone memory is enough to store those songs but not the extra data or internet. Let us know the Best Free Music player Apps for Android with awesome features and interesting designs.

Below is the list of best free music player apps for android:- 

1. GoneMAD


GoneMAD is not the popular among the music players we have listed out but it is the best music player app for android that is available for all Android OS. Few music players doesn’t support some formats but this player will support almost all those that includes aac, flac, adtc and so on. Users can experience a fast experience while listening through this music player app with some awesome features. To get the desired audio quality it offers various effects of audio along with 16 built-in equalizer presets. This app also comes with DSP Limiter, auto pitch correction and audio control and more other options. The key features consist of Cross fade, sue sheet, tag editing, lyrics apps, smart playlists and also sleep timer.

Music Playback options is the main thing that a user seeks in a music player app,but apart from that appearance also matters as people look for it. This best music player app has 200 customization options that you can choose from and also 1000 themes available to change the outlook.

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2. BlackPlayer

BlackPlayer is one of the Best Music player Apps of Android that has best features with a balance and UI. The appearance of the app is appreciabl with its Dark and sensible theme, on top of that you can customize on your choice. If you want to change the colors, font, animations along with changing the page when you play a song.

It supports the normal formats that includes like of flac and it comes with an default equalizer. It also enables you to choose and external equalizer, it supports 3D surround visualiser and bassboost, ID3 tag editor, sleep timer and many features. Lyrics can also be viewed and edited that are embedded and there are some awesome widgets that lets you to control the playback.

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3. PhonoGraph

PhonoGraph is well known for its appearance, even though this app is new it become popular for its simplicity in its features and all. While listening to songs it is the screen that is called now playing screen attracted many and the awesome interface. It not only comes up with a cool interface but also let you customize the covers, appearance of the album, colors, theme and start page of your choice. Gapless playback, equalizer, support, tag editor, sleep timer are the additional features that are worthy to install this app.

As this app has those awesome features with an ease of using all the features this is the best app for those who are looking for a simple app. This app has all the basic features along with some interesting interface, it is a free app but if you want to support the development of the app then you can support through App purchases.

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4. Cloudplayer by Double twist


This Music player app is the one that satisfies those that expect to play music from drop box, Google Drive or One drive account. This helps in saving the space and no issue of losing the data, through this app you can download the music or stream from your cloud accounts. The Cool thing about this app is it has features like Chromecast & Airplay support and loseless formats like flac and alac.

Coming to the specifications it comes with 10 band equalizer with 17 presets and amp. You can also set your headphone enhancements, widening effects, bass boost in this free music player app.

These are the features that can be availed with free version of this app but if you want to access to other features then you need to shift to premium version provided by the app developers. This music player app provides you a free trail of the premium version for 30 days with your Google account Login details or else you can make a purchase in App purchase.

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5. Shuttle Music Player App


This is the most popular music player among the Best Music Players of Android that you need to consider, it can be called as a improved version of your default Google Play Music. This app interface seems simple with an eye catchy designs, themes that can be customized based on your choice. Gapless Playback, Embedded Lyrics, Sleep timer, Scrobbling are the additional features that attracts the users towards this app.

It has built in 6-band equalizer with bass boost and available as a free version. In the paid version of this App you can get access to features like Chromecast support ID3 tag editing, customized themes, Folder browsing. But the thing is there are no new updates from the developers to this app after having the paid version.

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6. Pulsar Music Player


This Music Player app however has the attraction and attention because of its features for being intuitive and lightweight has a clean UI with transitions. As like all the other Music Player apps this also provides themes that can customized based on the user choice. This app features Sleep timer, fast search, embedded lyrics, gap less Playback etc.

This app will sync the missing album and artist images and there is a feature of Built-in tag editor. This may not have all the features that are in the rest of the apps but it has most of the main features that are required with a flawless usage which is free of cost.

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Final words:
So these are the Best Music Player Apps for Android that are helpful to satisfy the musical needs. Google play music is the default and pre-installed free music player app in all the android devices that made us not to mention it now.
These are the free music player apps for android that provides additional features that are not available in the Google Play Music. Try these music player apps and let us know which Music Player app you liked the most by commenting below.

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