Best Android Apps To Recover Deleted Files

Top 10 Android Apps to Recover Deleted Files from your Phone

Android operating system is one of the best and most popular operating system loved by the Smartphone users. There are lots of things to do with our Android phones like capturing photos, downloading apps, games, audio, and video. But, if the important data from your Smartphone get accidentally deleted or if it is deleted by mistake then what you will do? Don’t worry, there are plenty of Android apps that can easily recover your lost phone data. In this post, you will find the list top 10 android data recovery apps for your android device.

Some Reason for losing data from device – Mistaken Deletion – System Crash – Virus Attack – Device Stuck – OS Error – Improper Handling

When it comes to buying a high tech android phone, you have so many choices from top stores of UK or USA etc. But for apps, Google Play store is the only place to check out.

Let’s go to check out the data recovery apps:-

1. EaseUS MobiSaver - Recovery Deleted Files

This Android Data Recovery app is very easy to use where you can recover your deleted files like Images, Videos, SMS, Call logs and WhatsApp messages. Just follow 3 simple steps and after that, you can easily recover your deleted files – Install – Scan – Restore –. EaseUS Mobisaver quickly scans your Android phones, SD cards to search for deleted data like Images, Contact, Videos, Call logs, SMS and WhatsApp messages in a few minutes.


Let’s check out the process to recover lost data using EaseUS MobiSaver
  1. Install EaseUS MobiSaver from Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the app and then you will get the option like Photo & Video Recovery, SMS Recovery, Contact Recovery, Call Logs Recovery, WhatsApp Recovery and other Recovery Solution.
  3. For Photo and Video Recovery – Click the option Photo and Video Recovery and then it will automatically scan your deleted files.
  4. Note: You can set date and files type that you want to recover in setting option.  
  5. Tick the photos or videos that you want to recover and then click on “Recover” option.
  6. After that your files will save in folder name as “MobiSaver”.
  7. Note: The Path where the data is saved shows on the screen too.
  8. Just like these steps you can recover SMS, Contact and WhatsApp message.
Note: To recover more lost files you have to root your device.

Supported File Type:
  •  Videos – 3GP, MP4, AVI, MOV
  •  Call logs – Contacts – SMS – WhatsApp messages

Get It From Google Play Store - Link

2. Undeleter Recovers Files & Data

This app can easily recover your deleted files like photos, audio, video, document and other files. It recovers the files that are lost in both internal and external partitions.  After recovering your files, you will get the option to upload then you can easily upload it to cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. This app will require your permission before starting the lost files recovery process.


Let’s check out the process to recover deleted files
  1. Install Undeleter Recovers Files & Data app from Google play store.
  2. Click on the app and you will get two option Restore Files and Restore Data.
  3. Select what you want to recover – In Restore Files you can restore data like SMS and in Restore Data you can recover data like photos, videos, document etc.
  4. For restore files like photos, videos, and other document – Click on restore files then you will get the two options Internal Storage and Show More.
  5. In Internal storage, you can select file formats like JPG, MP4, AVI, GIF and many more. In Show More, you can select particular Folder or SD card.
  6. Go to Internal Storage and then click Deep Scan after that you can select file format Ex – JPG, mp3, AVI or any file format that you want to recover and then Click on Scan after that your deleted files will come.
  7. Then you can save your files on cloud storage like Google drive, Dropbox or Internal Storage.
Note: In Internal storage, Folder will be created automatically name as “Underdeleter” or you can create your own path.

Get It From Google Play Store - Link

3. Dumpster Data Recovery App

This app can recover your deleted data without any need for internet access and root access. It will recover your all common format like images, video, audio, PDF, mp4, mp3 etc. This app also supports direct backup to few cloud storage like Microsoft Onedrive and Dropbox.


Key features of Dumpster
  • Effectively backup your Android
  • It allow you to restore your music files, photos, videos of almost any format like mp4, mp4, jpeg, txt, png and many more.
  • You can preview your files before recovering and you can easily recover in just single tap.
  • Auto clean option available.
  • Support in 14 Languages.

Get It From Google Play Store - Link

4. DigDeep Image Recovery

This is a very simple and easy to use app where you can easily restore deleted images after searching process. When you accidentally delete a photo from your Android phone and you are looking for a tool that can easily recover your data, so this app is best for you.


Let’s check out the process of recovering data
  1. Download the DigDeep app from PlayStore and then open the app to run.
  2. Next, you have to scan and wait until when the scan process is not completed.
  3. Scanning may take little time depending on your device memory.
  4. After completing the scanning process, the app will show a new screen with a folder containing images.
  5. Then check your missing photos that you want to recover and click the restore button.

Get It From Google Play Store - Link

5. iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

iSkysoft is also best app to recover your lost data. It gives you lot of features and the review of this in Google play store is good. There are 1 million installs for this app in Google play store. This app is powerful to recover any lost data in your android os and it is completely free. iSkysoft supports almost all android platform device and recovers any type of data. It is capable to recover data before and after rooting.


Let’s check out key features
  • Supports more than 5000 android devices.
  • Very easy to use and user-friendly.
  • It can detect device automatically.    
  • It can recover any type of data like images, videos, pdf files and many more.
  • Recover data before and after rooting.

Get It From Google Play Store - Link

6. DigDigger Photo Recovery

DigDigger is also the best data recovery app for your Android platform. It can recover your lost images and photos from internal memory or SD card. This app is a very powerful to recover your lost photos, even you reformatted your memory card. Big digger application also recovers your music and video files.


You can easily restore your files directly to Dropbox, Google drive, or it can send via the email message.

Get It From Google Play Store - Link

7. Super Backup and Restore

It is a fast data recovery app for Android platform. You can take Backup of your contacts, application, text messages, and calendars and you can easily save it to your SD Card, Google Drive or Gmail.


Get It From Google Play Store - Link

8. Android Recycle Bin

This powerful app can recover your deleted audio, images and video files that are on internal storage or in SD card. The app is compatible with any android device working with Android 2.3 or higher. This app cannot require any internet connection within the process of restoring and even it can restore your files quickly to its original path.


Get It From Google Play Store - Link


9. GT Recovery

Download this amazing app and restore your lost data. If you are accidentally lost some files from your phone and you want to recover then this data recovery app is best for you. This powerful app can undelete data from factory reset phone. GT Recovery app helps you to find your photos, images, audio, video files, contacts, and messages.


Get It From Google Play Store - Link

10. Recuva File Recovery

It is famous for its amazing features and it also recovers lost files like video, images, and lot more things. This app helps you to recover deleted emails also. Recuva is very easy to use app and user-friendly. This app is completely free and review is good in Google play store. If you have permanently deleted your messages then don’t worry this app can recover your messages also.


Get It From Google Play Store - Link

These are the apps that can easily recover your lost data. All these apps are available in the play store, so install in your android device and take advantages. Once you use these apps, you will learn it automatically How to perform the tasks. All these apps are very easy to use and user-friendly.

Losing data is not healthy for our personal and professional life. Personally, I had a worst experienced loosing precious data and files. At that time I don’t have enough information about backing up those files. Thus, we must have some tools and data recovery apps in our pouch. This top 10 list of data recovery apps will surely help you in recover deleted files on android phone.

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