Namaste! With the growing interest in electronic dance music and dub smash the rise in the software for making such beats is in great demand. So, we are here to share with you free beat making software. People these especially the youth is turning towards the beats instead of a lyrical song. The hype is real and hence is giving birth to a new generation of music makers who are good at making beats that make your heart dance. So, if you are one of those music makers or you are planning to this list of best and free beat making software would be of great help to you. These beat making software are the best among all available tools on the internet nowadays.  Stay tuned!

Free Beat Making Software

Making beats requires high configuration for a smooth running of these heavy software hence it is advisable to do on desktop or laptop. You can use these free beat making software for Windows as well as Mac. Now widely windows and mac pcs are used so our main focus would on the software available for these platforms.

List of Free Beat Making Software 2018

1. FL STUDIO (available for Mac, Windows)

This software is truly a beast in this industry. Famous DJ Avicii started his beat making passion with this software. One of the main reasons he quoted was that this music maker had mostly everything that is needed to make a beat and its free. This software is really popular amongst the upcoming DJs as it is relatively easier to operate and has a vast variety of options and functions to offer.
One of the most famous software out there amongst beginners.

2. Hydrogen (available for Mac, Windows, and Linux)

Another big and popular name in beat making and editing software. It is said to have one of the smoothest user interfaces. Providing various exporting formats and options to record, edit and generate a new beat from scratch you name it, this software has got it and it makes it a best free beat making software.

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3. MAGIX music maker (available for Windows only)

MAGIX Music Maker is another awesome beat making and editing software and is one of our most prescribed programmings. It is super simple to utilize and it has all the expert apparatuses. MAGIX is famously known in the field for quite a long time and has gotten numerous honors previously. You can easily use this software to create your own beats or songs for free. Regardless of the chance that you are an amateur as they have huge amounts of online instructional exercises that will guide you to improve the music.

4. Ordrumbox (available for windows, mac)

This software is one of the most unique beat making software out there in the market. This software is free to use and also open source. It means that developers can enhance the software as per their needs. It comes with pre-defined settings that you can change upon your first usage. This is one of the most effortless software that you can get to make your beat making dream come true. You can download music created in this software in any format like MP3 etc.

5. LMMS (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

It is also an open source software and is compatible with all operating systems out in the market. One of the best features that its users recommend is the too simple user interface that helped them in their beginning stage of beat making. Pre-made sample tracks and beats are offered along with this software that you include into your own beats to upgrade the quality. There are various instrumental beats also within the software that are an extra bonus for any beat maker.

6. MuseScore (available for windows, mac)

This is one of the lesser popular amongst the other software but its users are quite happy with the performance as its user interface is really simple and is easy to work upon. For the beat makers who are new to this job and are looking out for a software to start, this software is the one they should go for. One can this software without having a technical background and creating your own music for free.

7. Drumflow (available for windows, mac)

Drumflow is one of the most famous software in the market and is one of the easiest to use to your own beats for free. Pre-defined beats and configurations make it easy to use. Change in pitch, tone, the frequency you name it this software has a way to manipulate it. The software offers a wide variety of formats in which you can save your beat or music as per your need.

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8. Garageband (available only for mac)

This software is only available for Apple desktop users having a mac operating system. The team is in the stage of developing the software for windows too but it is still not launched. Within this software, there are various instrumental tunes which you can listen and learn to understand the depth beat making requires. These features make this best free beat making software. Extremely popular among Apple users this software has a simple interface, unlike many mac applications. If you want to use this software on Windows PC then you should read this guide- GarageBand For Windows PC

9. MusinkLite (available only for windows)

This software has one of the most unique ways of creating music within the application. This is one of the easiest software to use where you can produce beats with clicks of the mouse. Various variety of keyboard shortcuts helps the beat maker to do the work within seconds. You can use the beat to play in any free music player to test them. Making music is easy with this music producing app. Once you are familiar with the basic version of this software then you can upgrade to their professional or advances version that is available at the rate of 60$. This is for a permanent subscription so you only need to buy it once.

10. HammerHead Rhythm Station (available for windows)

This is one of the lesser popular software but does the work of making beats. One of the main reasons for its nonpopularity is its complex and cool interface. Plenty of predefined stored music beats will help you to build your own music from the scratch. In my favorite list of best free beat making software, this reserves a place due to some cool features. Several output file formats are also supported while compiling your music.

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Turning into a musician these days is not at all difficult which would require you to buy heavy and costly equipment or instruments. Now all you need is a laptop that can run one of these best free beat making software and start from the scratch to build your dream project. These astounding free beat making software has produced many famous DJs over the time. With facilities like YouTube, various online tutorials are available for these software which you can refer to and start creating your own beats online. All you need is a dream in your mind along with a laptop and you are all set to groove the world with your beats. If you have any query regarding this article, feel free to ask in comments down-below. :)

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