Namaste! If you are a true music lover and you love to make music and beats, then the Launchpad must not be unknown to you. Online Launchpad is a great invention in the field of music providing a great surface for the initial start of beat making. There are various versions of the Launchpad available in the market for you to explore. The minimum you would have to pay in order to get it would be around 260$. Now I know there is no price for passion but there are some people who have the passion but do not have the budget for it. In this post, we are here before you presenting an online Launchpad where you can try out your passion before investing in this hardware device. Explore your music bug here on this launchpad online and make music for free.


Best Online Launchpad

What is Online Launchpad?

There are several newcomers in this field who have started making beats fresh. For them let us first discuss what a Launchpad is.

So, a Launchpad is a midi device. It is a device which is technically used to produce beats and feed them into music software. These devices can also be used as instruments like keyboard and drum machines in your soft wares like FL studio.

Now there are many launchpads available in the market but the original and the very first Launchpad was launched by Novation.

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Use Launchpad Online To Compose Music

Many people wonder how music can be produced by just pressing some keys. How a Launchpad works is that each key of the Online Launchpad is associated with some specific work. That work may be a specific section of the song, or a drum loop or some other sound of any instrument.

The key pressing is not just some random key pressing. Rather you have to memorize the notes on each key like how you do on a piano in order to create the beat you wish to.

One of the best features of Launchpad is that the mapping of the keys could be changed by connecting it to the computer.

Whenever you search online Launchpad on Google, there are not many Launchpad Online but we will short out this issue by mentioning the online launchpad link below.

  • Now when you click on the link you get to the page that will load up an Online Launchpad for you.
Online Launchpad

Now as you might not have any idea about this website and online Launchpad there is no need to worry.

The website itself is self-explanatory.

They have provided various links on the homepage which are supposed to help and guide you through your experience of using an online Launchpad keyboard.

Yes, it is not a Launchpad in itself but rather an online Launchpad keyboard because it enables you to produce beats of Launchpad through your keyboard keys instead of the Launchpad keys.

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How to use Online Launchpad? 

The tutorial link would take you to a YouTube video in which it is explained, how to use this online launchpad to generate sounds and change the bpm (beats per minute). Now there is also a link to the song first of the year by Skrillex which is done on this online Launchpad keyboard itself.

You can browse through that video and know for yourself that this initiative is legit and it does make tracks and can help you in making one of yours too. The keys of the keyboards are used to activate a various range of sounds.
  • The arrow keys are used to change the sound packs. 

Best launchpad online
  • There is also an editor available to build up a tune and synchronize it and sequence it. You have the option to change the beats per minute in this keyboard according to your needs. Also while learning any pre-built beat lower beats per minute helps you to understand more easily.
  • Clicking on the editor link would open the editor for you to build the beat.
Launchpad online

You may find various links to some of the famous songs by famous DJs. The links are videos where it is shown how you can play those songs on this online Launchpad.
Online Launchpad
To use this Launchpad keyboard all you need is a laptop or a desktop with the latest version of google chrome as the site says it works best with it. One of the important features is that it is open source and is free to be developed further.

A newer version is being worked upon by the team at MIT and is soon to release.

Developers have the dedicated link where they can download the project and improve it further according to their wish and intelligence.

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Final words:
So, in the end, all we have to say is that this online Launchpad keyboard is worth trying out as it is free and offers almost every tune and note you may need to make up your own beat. Investing in original Launchpad my cost you a lot but trying this Launchpad online won’t cost you a penny and you may be able to come up with your own track.

If you have any question or you need help regarding this Online Launchpad, don't be shy and leave a comment down below. ;)

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