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This online converter will convert your AdSense, Chitika, Adbrite and any HTML code into XML coding which are compatible with the blogger templates. By using this HTML to XML Code Parser you can parse any html code into xml which is required for blogger templates. Actually many people have their blog on blogspot and the obviously put AdSense ads on their blog to earn some money. But the problem is Blogger Templates only accepts XML formatted codes. So, in order to show ads on your blog you need to convert your HTML Ad code into XML format. To do so you need a HTML To XML Parser which I'm providing you right below.

Enter HTML Code

Parsed XML Code

This Online AdSense Parser tool is Very Cool. Instead of manually parse AdSense code you can easily convert any html code into xml format by using this online parser. This parser tool is very easy and accurately parse your HTML code without any changes. You can hassle free parse the any html code.

How To Use Online HTML To XML Parser? 

When you enter html code in to above box, parse code will be generated automatically in the second box, just copy and past the parsed code to your blogger template. 

This online AdSense parser is capable to parse the Google AdSense, Chitika, Infolink, Adbrite, AdsforIndian HTML Ad code to XML code for adding in your blogger templates. Blogger templates don't allow html code because Blogspot only allows xml templates so this tool is very important for every blogger user. 

This online parser is manly for those people who want to put AdSense ad in middle of post or after title ad. To put your ad in those location you must parse your HTML code into XML format. Many people search on search engines 'How to parse HTML code' or 'HTML to XML Parser' or 'Online code parser' or 'Online free XML parser' So, this free online parser will solve your problem and after using this tool you won't need to search anymore for online parser because this parser is completely free to use and Parse your HTML Ad code into XML format without any modification or changes. 

Before using any online parser you should make sure that it won't modify your ad code otherwise if the parser modify your AdSense code your account may get banned by Google. Because it's against AdSense rules. So use this online HTML To XML parser [FREE] and put your ad code in blogger template. Have Fun!

Online FREE HTML To XML Code Parser For Blogger Template

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  1. My adsense account is no longer showing any incomes and page viewers can u please help me


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